Wednesday, 8 July 2015

What are some interesting dishes to order at a seafood restaurant in Singapore

#1 Stir-fried cuttlefish in black bean sauce

Stir-fried cuttlefish in black bean sauce

Cuttlefish dishes are one of the popular seafood variants available in Singapore. If you visit a nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore you can order a delectable seafood delicacy called the stir-fried cuttlefish in black bean sauce. The dish is prepared by using 450g cuttlefish, 15g fermented black beans, 40g white onion, 2 cloves garlic, 40g red capsicum, 2tsp cooking oil, 2tsp rice wine, ginger paste, and salt as key ingredients. To prepare the sauce soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, cornstarch, white pepper and water are blended together. If you want to enjoy a special dinner with your dear ones on a warm evening, this would be a splendid dish to order.

#2 Creamy curry prawns

Creamy curry prawns

Creamy curry prawns would be a stunning choice if you visit a restaurant serving good Chinese food in Singapore. The key ingredients used to give a delectable flavor to this dish are lemongrass, shallots, garlic, ground cumin, coriander powder, turmeric paste, and chili powder. You also need prawns, long beans, cooking oil, evaporated milk, fish sauce, sugar, salt, and chopped coriander to prepare the curry. These ingredients are cooked in the traditional Chinese method which makes it one of the best dishes to order along with steamed rice and noodle delicacies.

#3 Fried fish with soy bean paste

Fried fish with soy bean paste

This is a dish that is available in quite a lot of Chinese restaurants in the country. When you visit the best Chinese food bar in Singapore you will be able to order the variant that uses red snapper or tilapia as the key ingredient. To spice up the dish garlic cloves, ginger, Chinese cooking wine, red chili paste, and green onions are used. The dish is prepared by marinating the fish overnight with all the spices. Before cooking it, the fish is coated in a mixture of corn flour and wheat flour. Each and every bite of this delicacy is extremely tasty and it tastes best when ordered along with Chinese fried rice variants.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What is the difference between Chinese food and authentic Chinese food

#1 Ingredients

In authentic Chinese cuisine, quite a lot of ingredients are used to prepare each and every dish. If you order a dish at an eatery serving traditional Chinese cuisine and later try out the same at a Chinese fast-food joint, you will come across a huge amount of difference in the choice of ingredients used. A lot of vegetables, beans sprouts, and tofu are used in the preparation of authentic Chinese cuisine. Even if you order a chicken or meat based delicacy, you will find the presence of a rich mixture of vegetables in the dish. However, the ordinary Chinese food which is more commonly found around the world uses lesser number of ingredients in preparing each dish.

#2 Taste

The taste factor is kind of tricky when it comes to differentiating ordinary Chinese from authentic Chinese delicacies. The Chinese dishes cooked with a tinge of western influence often uses generous amounts of sugar, salt, and artificial flavors. The authentic preparation methods involves the use of quite a lot of Chinese spices and each of these are used in small quantities to prepare each and every dish. The choice of spices and the quantity varies with each dish. However, you might initially feel that the taste of ordinary Chinese which uses artificial flavors are better than the authentic Chinese dishes. You will however be able to identify the differences after a couple of bites.

#3 Cooking styles

The use of shortcut methods spoils the taste of Chinese cuisine. Normally the cooking time at authentic Chinese restaurants is quite longer compared to the fast-food joints. If you are ordering a Chinese dish at a restaurant and it is served in less than ten minutes, you should definitely understand that you are at an ordinary Chinese restaurant. Authentic Chinese chefs use traditional equipment and culinary methods to prepare each dish. This enhances the quality and taste of the dish but might take away a lot of your time. It is however worth the wait any day!

#4 Overall experience

The dining experience that you get to enjoy at an ordinary Chinese restaurant would be nowhere close when you compare with what you would get at an authentic Chinese eatery. The Chinese love to talk and make merry while dining. If you want to have a stunning experience while having authentic Chinese cuisine, you should keep aside your table manners and indulge in some happy conversations!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

5 tips to make special occasions memorable in Singapore

#1 Take a day off from work

Take a day off from work

In order to make special occasions memorable, you need to first of all take a break from your busy schedules. You should keep all work related stuff off the table and be ready to spend some time with your dear ones. It would be best if you can turn off your mobile phones. Staying off the grid would be a good way to start enjoying the day.

#2 Dressing up is important

Dressing up is important

If you want to make any occasion special, you need to have some good memories about the day. The best thing to do would be to capture some lovely moments during the day and keep it secure for a long time. In order to do this, you should dress up well and encourage your partner to do the same. When you wear your favorite attire that looks good on you, it will provide you with a lot of confidence which will definitely double up as joy.

#3 Invite your friends over for lunch

Invite your friends over for lunch

Bringing in more people would be a great way to make special occasions memorable. You do not have to invite a lot of people to crowd up the place. Invite few of your close friends to bring in the mood of celebration. The chitchats and the malarkey created when a bunch of people get together under one roof would provide you with tremendous joy. You can do this at home or choose one of the best chill out bars in Singapore as the venue.

#4 Do something you love the most

Do something you love the most

You should not forget to do something that you and your partner loves most during the special occasion. Going out for a drive, or taking a stroll in a park would be special when you do it with joy. You should do this during the evening hours, few hours after all your friends leave. Spending some time alone with your partner will definitely make the occasion special and memorable.

#5 Have dinner at an elegant restaurant

Have dinner at an elegant restaurant

To finish off the day in style, you should order some good Chinese food in Singapore at an elegant restaurant. Choose one of the best restaurants in Singapore after discussing with your partner. Try out some scrumptious dishes at a place that offers a stunning ambience. It will definitely leave find memories of the day for years.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

6 reasons to reserve your table in advance at a restaurant & bar

#1 To enjoy the perfect view

To enjoy the perfect view

If you want to enjoy a wonderful view at a posh restaurant while having your meal on a special day, reserving your table in advance will be of great help. When you make the reservations, you can ask them for the best table that offers the most gleaming view of the city.

#2 To avoid wait-time

To avoid wait-time

If you want to enjoy authentic Chinese food in Singapore, you might have to wait for long to get a table during the evening hours. Making an advanced reservation will help you to avoid the wait-time.

#3 To make special occasions enjoyable

To make special occasions enjoyable

When you decide to invite few of your friends to a restaurant in order to celebrate a special day, making an advanced reservation would indeed be of great help. If you make advanced reservations, you will be able to make special arrangements to make the occasion memorable.

#4 To enjoy additional services

To enjoy additional services

If you want to enjoy some additional services like getting a private room or a specific menu when you decide to have food and drinks with your dear ones at one of best bars in Singapore, advanced reservations will be of great help.

#5 To enjoy the best services

To enjoy the best services

If you want to enjoy special attention from the staff when you take your date out for dinner to an elegant restaurant, you should place your reservations in advance. When you do this at a restaurant that provides nice ambience for dinner in Singapore, you will be able to impress your girl without having to try too hard.

#6 To ensure a place

To ensure a place

Now, this is the most obvious reason. When you reserve a table at a good restaurant and bar, you can be sure about getting your food and drinks served promptly. You will not have to wait for long or wander around the streets looking for another place if you reserve a table in advance!

Monday, 11 May 2015

8 tips to enjoy your dinner date at a bar

#1 Choose a vibrant bar

Choose a vibrant bar

Choosing one of the best restaurants in Singapore that has a vibrant bar would be the most important thing to do in order to enjoy your dinner date. A place that plays nice music and serves the most elegant drinks will help you to leave a lasting impression in the mind of your partner.

#2 Choose a cozy table

Choose a cozy table

When you walk into the restaurant and bar with your partner, try to spot the coziest table in order to enjoy the dinner date to the fullest. If you choose a table that offers a stunning view and optimum comfort, you will be able to enjoy the time spent better.

#3 Avoid using fiddling with your electronic gadgets

Avoid using fiddling with your electronic gadgets

You might roam around all the time with quite a lot of electronic gadgets. However, when you are on a dinner date at a good bar, do not fiddle with the gadgets. If you play peek-a-boo with your mobile phones all the time, your date will definitely be frustrated!

#4 Maintain a pleasant tone

Maintain a pleasant tone

When you talk to your partner during your dinner date, do not forget to maintain a pleasant tone. Your hectic schedules at work or the unrealistic targets that you are forced to meet shouldn’t influence your talks when you sip your drink at a good bar in the country.

#5 Compliment the girl often

Compliment the girl often

If you want to enjoy the evening to the max, you shouldn’t forget to compliment that girl often. When you stop for a refill or wait for the waiter to serve another drink, it would be great to say few sweet lines about the attire or fashion accessories used by the girl. It will make the drinking session even lovelier!

#6 Look her in the eyes when you lift the glass

 Look her in the eyes when you lift the glass

When you lift the glass for the first time after reaching the restaurant, you should look her in the eyes. Eye contact is very important when you start off with the drinks in order to enjoy beautiful moments with your partner.

#7 Be confident when you place the orders

Be confident when you place the orders

You should choose the restaurant that serve best Chinese cuisine in Singapore for your date or the bars that sell the finest quality wines. You should be confident with your selection of eateries and your orders. Your girl will definitely love this and you in return will be able to enjoy your dinner date better!

#8 Showcase the etiquettes of a true gentleman

Showcase the etiquettes of a true gentleman

Open the door for your girl when you step into a restaurant that serves good Chinese food in Singapore. Pull out the chair for your girl when you reach the table. Treat her with respect throughout the session. You will be able to enjoy you dinner date for sure when you do all this!

Friday, 8 May 2015

6 Tips to enjoy a dinner date with your partner at a Chinese restaurant in Singapore

#1 Make your reservations
Make your reservations

Singapore is a country that will never disappoint you when it comes to food options. There are quite of eateries too in every nook and corner of the city. However if you want to enjoy your dinner date at a fabulous Chinese restaurant in Singapore, you should reserve a table in advance.

#2 You can avoid buffets

You can avoid buffets

In order to make your dinner date memorable, you should be able to enjoy the delicacies served at the Chinese eatery and also the moments you share together. When you choose a Chinese eatery you will not have to settle for a buffet because of the splendid menu options provided.

#3 Start with a soup

Start with a soup

If you are at a restaurant serving authentic Chinese food in Singapore, it would be ideal to start with a soup, cream of mushroom, chicken, and different variants of hot and sour soups prepared by the Chinese chefs will be the perfect appetizer that will help you enjoy the meal.

#4 Choose the perfect entrée dish

Choose the perfect entrée dish

Chinese cuisine is one of the best food options because of the availability of a wide variety of dishes. Not all variants of cuisines will allow you to order the perfect entrée dish after ordering a starter dish. When you are done with the soup, you can order dim sum Singapore that is available in amazing flavors. There are spring rolls, fish fingers and many other entrée dishes too that will help you to start your meal in an elegant manner.

#5 Order portions of different delicacies

Order portions of different delicacies

In order to enjoy the dinner date to the fullest, it would be good to order portions of different dishes instead of going for just a couple of main course dishes. The variety in flavors and the irresistible taste of Chinese spices will make your dinner date memorable for a lifetime if you order the perfect dishes from the Chinese platter.

#6 Choosing desserts and beverages

Choosing desserts and beverages

When it comes to ordering the perfect desserts and beverages on a dinner date, there is no better choice than Chinese cuisine which will provide you with such stunning options to choose from. Ordering sweets after a filling dinner would be the best thing to do and tofu based delicacies would be the best choice. If you want to enjoy the traditional feel of a Chinese dinner, you should choose sherry wine or tea as your beverage!

Monday, 27 April 2015

6 great starters at Chinese restaurants

#1 Spring rolls

Spring rolls

If you want to order a starter dish that will help you enjoy the splendid combination of Chinese spices and the healthiest vegetables, you should go for spring rolls. This scrumptious starter delicacy can be ordered at a good Chinese restaurant in Singapore and will help you enjoy your meal from the start. There are also eateries in the country that serve the spring rolls with chicken as the key ingredient.

#2 Chili potatoes
Chili potatoes

This is another delectable starter dish available from the Chinese platter. The crispiness of the potatoes and the seasoning used makes it a wonderful dish which is quite popular at majority of the Chinese eateries in Singapore.

#3 Baked dragon rolls

Baked dragon rolls

The baked dragon rolls is a starter dish that will help you enjoy the culinary skills of the Chinese chefs. The meat is cooked separately along with Chinese herbs and chili powder. Wheat flour is mixed with salt and cheese and is used to roll the ingredients together. It is then fired in oil until it turns dark brown in color. This is a starter dish that can be enjoyed along with a glass of wine when you are on a dinner date with your partner.

#4 Corn and bean sprouts

Corn and bean sprouts

The traditional Chinese restaurants will definitely include this starter dish in the menu. It is considered to be the best starter dish cooked in authentic Chinese style. When you are at the best Chinese food bar in Singapore, you should not forget to order this extremely sumptuous delicacy.

#5 Broccoli and potato balls

Broccoli and potato balls

Broccoli, potatoes, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce are the key ingredients of this starter dish. Chinese dishes made of broccoli are extremely delicious and this one is no different. If you want to enjoy good Chinese food in Singapore, which is healthy and affordable, this would be a good dish to start with.

#6 Crispy threaded tofu

Crispy threaded tofu

Chinese crispy threaded tofu is a yummy starter dish which will melt in your mouth. When you visit a good Chinese eatery in the country after a hectic day at work, this will be a dish that will give you joy.