Monday, 27 January 2014

How to choose a good Chinese restaurant in Singapore

Authentic chinese food in Singapore
Anybody who loves Chinese food would definitely love his or her stay in Singapore. The country is home to people from different parts of the globe and this includes a huge percentage of Chinese population too. Hence, the country has a lot of excellent Chinese eat outs that offers mouth watering delicacies all through the year. Since, the options before you are plenty, you would find it hard to choose a restaurant in particular from the list for lunch or dinner with your dear ones. Well, you can do a smart comparison of the restaurants by taking a look at various parameters. Let us try to break down the major parameters in order to make the task easy.

The items on the menu

There are quite a lot of Chinese dishes that are loved by the foodies around the world. If you are looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Singapore, you should definitely look for some of the authentic dishes on the menu. When you take a glance at the menu provided, you will be able to understand the quality of the restaurant. Authentic Chinese food in Singapore is available only at the traditional restaurants that employ chefs from the mainland. Dim-sum, baozi, guotie, jiaozi and zongzi are the most commonly served Chinese dishes under the dumplings category. The menu of a genuine Chinese restaurant will also have wide varieties of soups and pastries too. The food is generally served along with chopsticks, forks, knives and spoons. In restaurants that are not exactly authentic, chopsticks might be absent.

The ambience

In order to enjoy your dine out experience to the maximum, the ambience of the restaurant also plays an important role. There are many restaurants in the country where the ambience is given utmost importance. When you search for a Chinese restaurant, you should keep in mind the ambience factor. You might be looking for a restaurant that serves authentic Chinese cuisine, to celebrate a special day with your family. You would prefer a candle light dinner to enjoy the essence of the day with your partner. Make sure that the restaurant you choose provide you with this option. If you are celebrating with a gang of friends, you would prefer a place with loud music and a vibrant atmosphere. Hence, depending on the occasion, choose a good restaurant that serves delicious Chinese food to make the occasion memorable.
Best chinese food in Singapore

This is one factor that you often tend to forget. You should choose a restaurant that is not way too far from your place of stay. You should not go through a hard time to locate a restaurant. Hence, choose a restaurant that is easily accessible from your place of residence. When you are hungry, you would not enjoy a lot of direction checks on your way to a restaurant. Similarly, after enjoying a good meal, you would not want to travel for a long time to reach back to your cozy bedroom. Hence, look for a good Chinese restaurant close to your area to enjoy a wonderful meal.
These tips will help you to choose a wonderful Chinese restaurant that will tickle your taste buds. Enjoy the scrumptious food and carry back in your memories a wonderful experience.

Friday, 10 January 2014

9 Rules to Handle Chopsticks when Dinning at Chinese Restaurant

Good Chinese food in Singapore
To find good Chinese food in Singapore might be easy for you. But do you easily able to give justice to the food by eating it in a traditional manner? To be precise, do you think that you eat the Chinese food in the traditional way with chopsticks perfectly? Well, there are some chopstick eating rules, which you might not be following when enjoying your favorite Chinese cuisine. Have a look to see how much justice you give to your fav food:

F  When served a large serving plate or steamer of food, use the public serving chopsticks to serve the food in your plate. Never use the used chopsticks in the serving bowl.
F  To serve the food, you can also use the broader end of your chopsticks (on the condition, it shouldn’t be chewed by you).
F  Do not stab your food with the chopsticks. It is disrespect to the chef and the food as well. This even shows that you are rude at the dinning table.
F  Make sure that you never pass the food from chopstick to chopstick. It is considered as ill manner and bad table behavior.
F   Once you are done eating, do not pass the chopsticks. Instead, you should lay them on the left side of the dish.
F  While eating, never point out to others with the chopsticks (be it intentionally on un intentionally). 
F  While eating, do not make music with the chopsticks & the bowl. This is done by the poor beggars and thus will depict you as an ill manner person.
Cantonese restaurant SingaporeF   In case, something gets struck in your teeth. Then do not use the sticks to take it out. It would, at first, will not help you at all, and secondly, it would show you as a bad mannered person.
F   Make sure you do not drop the chop sticks on the floor. Even if it happens by mistake, then sincerely apologize for this. According to Asian culture, if a chopstick falls, then the ancestor of the host gets disturbed, so make sure you do not do any such thing.

Simply remember these rules when you make a visit to Cantonese restaurant in Singapore to enjoy your authentic Chinese food. 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Learn to Enjoy Chinese Food with Chopstick

Nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore
Are you looking for nice ambience for dinner in Singapore? Isn’t it feels good to enjoy the favorite Chinese platter amidst the nice ambience? Exactly, ambience matters a lot, and so does the way of eating. Well, the crux of the matter is, if you are looking for nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore to have good Chinese food, then it is also important to enjoy the food in the traditional way, i.e. with chopsticks.

According to some Chinese food lovers, the taste of Chinese food gets more delicious when it is eaten with chopsticks. So, if you do not want to miss the delicious taste of Chinese by eating it with fork, then here is an easy & simple 4 steps to use the chopsticks.

Steps to be Comfortable with Chopstick Eating:
1.    First, pick up one stick and grip it between the thumb & the middle finger. You have to hold it in a manner that the broad end of the stick sets on the crook of the hand where the thumb & pointer finger connect. And, you have to base the narrow ends rest on the side of the index finger & thumb base. Make sure that you keep the hand stiff, as it would then become easier for you to make a firm grip.

2.    After this, take the second chopstick with the same hand using the thumb & index finger. The first stick stays firm and do not move, whereas, this second stick is the move that has to be moved. Now, you have to hold the second stick from the side in a way that it rests on the first stick. You can slightly alter the positions to get a comfortable grip. However, do ensure that the narrow tips do not intersect or cross each other; otherwise, it would be difficult to pick the food.

The tip to do this is by keeping the sticks at a same level. You can do this by tapping the sticks in the fingers on the table top.

3.    Next step is to do the practice. Once you are done with holding the two sticks, you have to practice with opening & closing of the chopsticks. When doing the practice, you have to ensure that the sticks do not form X shape, otherwise, you won’t be able to pick the food up. When practicing, you have to make sure that only the upper stick moves while the other stick, stays stagnant.
Nice ambience for dinner in Singapore
Tip: If you are uncomfortable with the position, you can shift the hands upwards or downwards slightly. 

4.    To make it easy in picking up the food, make a 45° angle, as this is the easiest angle to lift the food comfortably. If you think that you could make a good grip on food with your sticks, then lift it up, or if you think that the grip is not good, then drop down the food in the plate & try again. Once you get comfortable with this, then you can try it with eating Chinese dishes in different texture & size.