Monday, 31 March 2014

Tips to enjoy good Chinese food in Singapore

There are all sorts of restaurants in Singapore. You name a cuisine and you can easily find a restaurant in the country serving the same. Out of all the restaurants in the country Chinese eateries are immensely popular. Whenever I travel to this Asian country, I try out one or the other Chinese restaurants. I have traveled to many other countries and have tried many restaurants around the world. Singapore is however one of the very few places on earth where you can enjoy Chinese dishes of all types. There are restaurants serving Cantonese, Schezwan, Hunan and American Chinese delicacies. In order to enjoy good Chinese food in Singapore, you need to make your restaurant selection right. I want my readers to make their selections with ease and hence I’m sharing my Chinese food experiences in Singapore with all of you.

Traditional dishes

If you want to enjoy the true essence of Chinese food, you need to choose a place serving traditional delicacies. With time, a lot of new additions have been made to the traditional recipes. However, there are still many places where you can order Chinese dishes cooked in its original form. You will be able to identify the quality of food served at a place when you step into the place. There would be plenty of native Chinese people accompanying you at the place. They know the best restaurants better than anybody else does. If you happen to meet plenty of Chinese nationals eating food and making a lot of noise while doing so, you have landed up in the right place. Chinese make a lot of noise when they have their food. They might even fight out loud amongst themselves in order to pay the bill. You will not find all the noise at a restaurant serving contemporary Chinese food though. Hence, it is easy to identify the places. A nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore serving traditional dishes will have a menu in both the languages, Chinese and English.

Innovative recipes

If you are looking for a nice Chinese restaurant that provides you with a nice ambience for dinner in Singapore, you should choose a place serving modern day Chinese dishes. Innovations are brought in to the traditional recipes by the master chefs in these restaurants to help you enjoy a wonderful dining experience. You will be able to find such restaurants close to the beach. Bright lights, appealing name boards and excellent aroma will be good things to look out for if you want to choose a good Chinese restaurant in the country.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How to enjoy good Chinese food in Singapore

Nice ambience for dinner in Singapore
Singapore is one of the best places to enjoy some real tasty Chinese food. There are many restaurants here that fly in chefs from China to cook the food in the traditional manner. When I traveled to this beautiful Asian country, I could enjoy the best dinners which will stay in my memories for long. The food was excellent and so was the treatment we received from the staffs at most places. I was on a family trip to this country and wanted to celebrate the time we spent there. Hence, we chose the restaurants with care after checking with people we knew and also the friendly cab drivers who drove us around the country. Not many blogs on the internet tell us about the abundant options available to enjoy good Chinese food in Singapore and hence I am writing this blog to help my readers.

The best locations in the country

Since the country is quite small, it is not very tough to travel around and enjoy the whole place. I had hired a cab to take us around and since we were hiring the same person for our entire trip, the driver became quite friendly with us pretty soon. I asked him to take us to a nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore. He guided us to some of the best locations in the country where excellent restaurants where present. One of the places that impressed me quite a lot was the Rochester Park. There are plenty of amazing Chinese restaurants and bars in this place. Without the help from the cab driver, I would not have visited the place because I had not heard about this place before. I did not have any other requirements wither to visit the place and hence I was very thankful to the cab driver for taking us to the place. If you are looking for a restaurant with nice ambience for dinner in Singapore, you should definitely include this place in your list of places to visit during the trip.

Reputed restaurants

Good chinese food in SingaporeExcellent Chinese food can also be enjoyed by visiting the reputed restaurants in the country. There are many international restaurant chains that serve Chinese food. You will most of them in Singapore too. When you choose these restaurants, you will not be able to enjoy variety dishes because the recipe followed at all the branches of these restaurants are usually the same. However, you will not be disappointed with the taste. One of the greatest advantages of choosing the reputed restaurants is the ease of access. You will not have to hop around in uncertainty to find the location of these restaurants because plenty of billboards are found across the country to guide you. You can also seek the aid of the cab drivers to reach these restaurants with ease.

If you are visiting Singapore, you should definitely try out the Chinese restaurants in the country even if you have never tried it out in the past. This will be a choice that you will never regret.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Chinese Food is a Must Try in Singapore

best Chinese restaurant in Singapore.
 If you are in Singapore then you must try the Chinese cuisine. There are a number of Chinese restaurants in Singapore. Before going to the Chinese restaurant just keep the following simple thing in mind

•    Authentic Chinese restaurant
•    Affordability
•    Hygiene
•    Wide range of dishes
•    Good staff
•    Try new things
•    Professional chefs
•    Ambience

Authentic cuisine:
Nowadays every Chinese restaurant, claims to be the best Chinese restaurant in Singapore. So first check whether the restaurant you are going in is authentic or not. It is easy to find just ask around and visit the place once and you will know.

Affordability: The Chinese restaurants can be expensive so check beforehand that everything is in the budget. An easy way is to count the number of people that would be going. Roughly estimate the cost and multiply it with the number of people.

Hygiene: You are going to spend a good amount of money on the food but do not forget that hygiene is also very important. Make sure that the place is neat and clean. Good restaurants allow you to visit their kitchen. Visit the kitchen and check the hygiene.

Wide range of dishes: If it is an authentic place then a large variety of dishes would be available. It is good to have options.

Good Staff: The staff of the restaurant should be professional. The waiters should be polite. Good restaurants are the ones which tell you about their specialty. The best Chinese restaurant in Singapore is the one which has the best staff and serves the quality food.

Try new things: Always try new things when you go to any restaurant as then only you would be able to explore a cuisine fully. Ask the waiters for their best sellers and go with them.
best chinese dishes Singapore
Professional chefs:
Make sure that the chefs are professionals. Food is what you are paying for so make sure that the chefs are professionals. Professional chefs know how to present food in an awesome way. Presentation too take your dining experience to the next level. Only a real chef can make Best Chinese dishes Singapore. So choose wisely.

Ambience adds to your dining experience and if you are with someone special then you surely want a place that has good ambience. Many restaurants are there that provide you good ambience.

Ambience is important but most important thing is food and that needs to be perfect. Ambience can be compromised, but on food there is no compromise. Restaurants now a days try to fool you by providing good ambience, but if you are a "foodie" then never for ambience always go for food.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Easy ways to choose the best chill out bars in Singapore

best chill out bars in SingaporeIn order to enjoy a relaxed conversation, it is always to choose a good bar in Singapore. You will be able to forget your tensions and make intelligent conversations when you make yourself comfortable. When you eradicate all the negative thoughts from your mind you will be able to enjoy a good time. To make all this possible, you should choose a good chill out bar in Singapore. Since there are plenty of bars in the country providing exemplary facilities, you need to compare as many of them possible before making a final selection. Here are few tips to find best chill out bars in Singapore with ease.

Based on location

When you are staying close to the airport you will have greater access to the main hotels, restaurants and the bars in the country. You will also be able to meet your shopping needs with ease. The transportation facilities available are topnotch but that does not make traveling long distances, after a couple of drinks, a good option. Hence you should choose the bars in the country based on your location. If you are staying in the outskirts of the city, you might find it difficult to travel to the city centre or to the airport area to order few drinks. It would hence be better if the bar you choose is located close to your home. You should check out with the local cab drivers and hotel receptionists to get the names of the best chill out bars in Singapore.

Based on your budget

Whatever you do during your vacation should be based on your fixed set of plans. You might have an assigned budget for your vacation. You might have decided beforehand that you will spend only a certain amount of money. If you do not choose the best bar and restaurant in Singapore based on your budget you might end up cancelling many of the other plans. When you compare the rates offered by as many dining out places as possible, you will be able to shortlist the best place to have your drinks without disturbing your budget.
Best bar and restaurant in Singapore
Based on the menu options

There are quite a lot of bars in the country that offers delicious cuisine options. You can enjoy your favorite brand of whiskey along with Spanish omelet if you are an ardent fan of Spanish cuisine. You can order Chinese and Mexican dishes along with your drinks if you are a huge fan or an abundant
lover of these cuisine variants. Hence, depending on your choice of dishes, you can easily select the best bar. You need to make sure that your preferred food and drinks are available at the bar before inviting your friends and close ones to accompany you.

These tips are hence a good way of choosing the best bars to chill out in the country. 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How to enjoy the best Dim sum Singapore

Dim sum Singapore
If you are traveling to Singapore, you should definitely try out the amazing food options available in this country. Choose something different from your normal diet. When you are on a vacation or a trip to a foreign country, it is always wonderful to eat something new. You can try out cuisines from all over the world when you in this Asian country because there are numerous restaurants available serving dishes from almost all places on earth. Dim Sum is one of the dishes that you should never miss out if you are traveling to Singapore. You can choose a dim sum serving restaurant in the country based on various factors. Here are few tips to choose the best places serving this delicious dish.

Value for money restaurants

There are many restaurants for Dim sum Singapore where you can enjoy true value for the money paid. The Singapore territory has plenty of dishes to offer to the people visiting the country. When you choose restaurants that do not come with exorbitant price tags, you need to make your reservations well in advance. If you choose to make a last minute entry at one of these restaurants, you might have to go back disappointed. Some of the places might require reservations to be made even two days in advance. However, you will not be disappointed with the food options because Dim Sum varieties are truly delectable. The pastries, custards, prawns and all other dishes are simply excellent. You will enjoy each and every course of your meal for sure when you choose a restaurant that offers value for money. You can also enjoy Dim Sum dishes at Sze chuan restaurant Singapore. Dim Sum goes well with the Sze chuan dishes and hence majority of these restaurants include it in their menu. Another reason for the availability of Dim Sum in the Sze chuan restaurants is the influence it has had in the delicacies served today. Dim Sums were brought to Singapore by the Cantonese and from then on it has had an important place in the top dishes of the country. Sze chuan restaurants have brought in great modifications t the traditional Dim Sums to give it a wonderful uplift and it has indeed enhanced the taste of the dishes without charging hefty amounts.
Sze chuan restaurant Singapore
Popular hangouts

If you are looking for dim sum serving restaurant in Singapore, the first places that you would try out are the popular hangouts in the country. You might come across billboards and television ads about the popular Dim Sum serving restaurants in the country. This will help you to try out new places that are packed with a lot of people if you are new to the place. The ads might not always lead you to the best restaurants in the country but it will help you to try out the tasty cuisine for the first time. To identify the most popular hangouts, you can seek the aid of the travel helpdesk at your hotel. The cab drivers will also take you to the popular restaurants in the country serving tasty Dim Sums.