Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Different varieties of Chinese noodles and their traditional names

nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore
Chinese delicacies are famous around the world. Among the most famous Chinese delicacies, noodle dishes and rice varieties are the most commonly ordered food items. You can enjoy real scrumptious Chinese dishes in Singapore. Here are some of the varieties available in the country and the traditional names.


Banmian is a wonderful noodle dish that is made with handmade noodle cakes of different varieties along with egg, vegetables, seafood and meat. It is served in flavored soup which makes the dish extremely tasty. At few of the restaurants, you can select the flavor of soup when you place the order. You can enjoy this dish at a nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore or even at the street food vendors in the country.

Beef chow fun

When you choose a Cantonese restaurant in Singapore for dinner, you should definitely order the Beef chow fun for your main course. The key ingredients of this dish are ho fun noodles, which is part of the traditional Chinese cuisine, beef strips, soy sauce, onions and bean sprouts. If you want to enjoy the best Chinese food in Singapore, you should definitely try out this dish at least once. Once you taste it, you will definitely go back for more.

Cart noodle

This is a variant of noodle that was popularized by the street food vendors in Hong Kong. It was however brought to Singapore soon by the people who migrated to the island nation. Today, it is one of the most ordered noodle delicacies at the Chinese hawker stalls in the country. With a variety of toppings and egg, this is one dish that is loved by all sorts of people.

Char kway teow

It is one of the best noodle dishes available in Singapore. If you are searching for good Chinese food in Singapore, you should definitely order this delicacy. It is a very nutritional dish. The main ingredients of the dish are flat rice noodles, soy sauce, Chinese sausage, fishcake, cockles and bean sprouts. At some of the restaurants in the country you get this dish made of pork based ingredients.

Zhajiang mian 

This is a fried sauce noodle dish which is made of thick noodles and grounded pork. Wheat noodles are used in the traditional Chinese restaurants while making this dish. A variety of sauces is used in this dish. Scallions, garlic, onions and soybeans are cooked along with meat and this combination is served over noodles.

Lo mein

good Chinese food in SingaporeMade of wheat flour noodles, this is a dish that contains plenty of healthy vegetables. Beef, chicken, pork and shrimps are also used as additional ingredients. It is one of the tastiest stirred-noodles available from the Chinese platter. It is one of the most famous traditional dishes served in the Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

Re gan mian

This is a different kind of noodle dish. This is one of the rare dry variants available in the country. The dish is made by applying oil to the noodle cake and then drying it. The golden colored noodles are oily and are very chewy.

These are some of the best Chinese noodle variants available in Singapore.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Singapore has best Healthy Chinese food outside China

A food connoisseur, who is an expert in Chinese cuisine, finds Singapore a food paradise where Chinese food from any region of China is readily available.  Apart from Chinatown, where from the food carts to the five star restaurants authentic Chinese dishes are available; one can find good Chinese food in any part of Singapore.  Some nice Chinese Restaurants in Singapore serves healthy Chinese food.  If you are on the lookout for healthy dishes there are many nice Chinese Restaurants in Singapore that are famous for serving healthy dishes. Some healthy dishes which will strengthen your heart, body and mind served as good Chinese food in Singapore are:

1) Bean Sprout with Salted Fish: Fish, unlike red meat is healthy for heart and bean sprout lightly stir fried do not lose their nutritional value.  Salted fish is aromatic and makes the dish more appetizing.  You can eat it alone or along with other dishes.

2) Soup made from Lotus Roots and Pork Ribs: The soup is healthy and easy to make.  The ribs become tender and easy to eat and give great strength to the body as well. Lotus roots are good for decreasing fat level in liver and are eaten as part for the dishes for the taste and for their nutritional benefits.

3) Seafood Garlic Fried Rice:  This rice dish is lightly flavored with garlic and contains seafood and rice.  Garlic is known as blood purifier and is used in food for its pungent taste, aroma and cleansing qualities. Seafood does not contain fat and is healthy to consume

4) Stir Fry Potato Shred: Potato shredded and stir fried are tasty and healthy and can be easily digested.

5) Mapo Tofu: Mapo Tofu is a healthy dish made from bean curd mixture and spicy, chili sauce.  It is very light and is both healthy and filling.

Friday, 9 May 2014

5 things to consider while choosing a restaurant in Singapore

nice ambience for dinner in Singapore

When you decide to take your special friend out for dinner on a warm romantic evening, you would want to choose the perfect restaurant that provides not just the perfect food but also plenty of other facilities. Singapore is a country that is home to plenty of amazing restaurants. You might not be able to easily shortlist a restaurant when you have so many ones to choose from. Here are few things that you should consider while choosing a restaurant in Singapore.

Cuisine preference

Since Singapore has a wide variety of restaurants, you need to choose that cuisine that want to order before choosing the restaurant. Many restaurants provide a multi-cuisine menu but if you require a particular cuisine, it is better to choose an exclusive restaurant. There are many Chinese restaurants, Spanish eateries and Indian food joints in the country. If you love spicy food you should choose an Indian restaurant with nice ambience for dinner in Singapore. The menu options at these restaurants are wide and splendid like the vastness of its native land.


In order to enjoy a wonderful dining-out experience, you should a restaurant in the country that is easily accessible. If you have a private vehicle to take you around the country, you wouldn’t mind traveling few extra miles for dinner. However, if you have to depend on the public transport options, you should choose a place close to your homes to have your food. You can find a Cantonese restaurant Singapore in almost all the nooks and corners of the country. Chinese cuisine is very much popular in the country as it is preferred commonly by most travelers.


Ambience should be given a lot of importance when you choose a restaurant. When you choose a good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore, you will be able to enjoy your dinner better. The food options provided in the Chinese restaurants are amazing and the ambience will complement the food. It would be ideal especially when you are looking forward to a romantic night with your special friend. Beautifully decorated lights, elegant tables filled with the finest glasses and plates would make the food served even tastier. A candle light dinner would be perfect during such situations. The restaurants that are located in the heart of the city give predominant importance to the ambience.

Popular names

Cantonese restaurant SingaporeYou can choose restaurants in the country based in their reputation. For each type of cuisine, there are plenty of internationally acclaimed restaurant brands. You can find most of these restaurant chains in Singapore too. Be it fried chicken or Chinese food, you can find a branded restaurant in the Singapore that offer scrumptious cuisine.


Another area that requires consideration while choosing a restaurant is the price. There are all sorts of restaurants in the country. If money is not a constraint, you can choose one of the luxury restaurants in the country. The ambience, food, settings and the service offered would be excellent at these restaurants. For the ones who want wallet-friendly meals, the hawker stalls in the country would be an ideal choice.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Special Chinese Rice at Singapore Restaurants, which will not make you fat

Chinese restaurant in Singapore
 It is always suggested to keep away from rice and noodles for avoiding excess body fat and keeping fit. Isn’t this difficult to follow and curb the tempt of eating delicious rice cuisines? Well, there is not any need to curb the temptation of eating delicious rice & noodles dishes, as these all are available in healthy variety at the Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

Have a look at the delicious rice & noodles serving you would get to enjoy at the Singapore Chinese Restaurants:

Seafood Garlic Fried Rice

The tempting fried rice is more healthy now. With several nutritious ingredients (mainly sea food) and special recipe this dish is perfect for those who love rice and are on health diet.

Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice

Rice prepared with lots of veggies and chicken & salted fish is also protein enriched dish. You may find the list of list of best Chinese restaurants in Singapore and order this Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice.

Beef Fillet with Preserved Olive Rice

Olive oil is good for health. Rice prepared in olive oil with beef fillet as the main ingredient is healthy and filled with several nutritional quotients to make it a delicious cum healthy dish. So, next time when you’ll visit a Chinese Restaurant, you would always have an option of delicious rice cuisine to eat.
 best Chinese food bar in Singapore
Dry Mince Pork Noodles

Dry minced pork added in Noodles, which are prepared with special low carb ingredients & oil is another healthy Chinese cuisine. Other than this, in healthy category, you can also try Char Siew Pork Fillet Noodles, and Fu Zhou Braised Noodles to enjoy the healthy noodle dishes.

These are some different rice and noodles dishes, which you may enjoy at the Chinese restaurant in Singapore without compromising upon your health.