Thursday, 24 July 2014

Savoring Chinese Delicacies with Friends and Family this Hari Raya

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Singapore is multicultural eclectic city, full of life and vibrancy. One of the major festivals of this island nation, Hari Raya is here, and Malayan localities will be seen rejoicing, feasting, dancing and greeting friends and acquaintances. Not only Malay, with Hari Raya Puasa all the ethnic groups of Singapore get a chance to enjoy and celebrate. The festive season is all about visiting friends and relatives, seeking forgiveness, dining, dancing and merrymaking. The restaurants of Singapore make special arrangements for the festival. From street food to nice ambience for dinner in Singapore top class restaurants, you can sense a festive atmosphere everywhere.

As you expect Hari Raya to bring with it mind boggling selection of dishes at all corners of the city, try some exciting Chinese delicacies this time. Who can resist starters like crispy wan tun dumplings stuffed with prawns and deep fried, or the gooey, the sweet barbecued spare ribs that always make the diners to lick their fingers? This festive season, head to a good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore with friends and family to mark the occasion with intense aromatic flavor in every bite guaranteed by finest of ingredients.

Try the fillet steak roll having slices of fillet meat rolled with king prawn and marinated and cooked in a sweet fruity Cantonese sauce. If you are looking for a Hari Raya indulgence and impressing your guests, try the king prawn sizzler, which contains succulent king prawns, green peppers and onions all cooked in thickly rich satay sauce. You can also celebrate the festivities with all time Chinese favorite dishes such as crispy aromatic duck, addictively spicy Singapore fried vermicelli and lemon chicken. Vegetarians can also find delightful dishes in form of uniquely sweet and sour pe pa tofu croquettes, which is a mashed yam and tofu thoroughly mixed with finely chopped vegetables, deep fried and served elegantly with sweet and sour sauce.

If dim sum is your thing this Hari Raya, the Cantonese restaurant Singapore is all set to mesmerize you and your counterparts with exquisite dim sum menu. Savor on prawn dumplings, meat balls with Chinese greens, custard cream and steamed sponge rolls entertaining your taste buds for hours.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Chinese Food and Its Subtypes in Singapore – Why They Are So Famous

Cantonese restaurant Singapore
A wide assortment of Chinese food is found in Singapore ranging from subtle Cantonese to the fiery Szechuan cuisine. The most staple ingredient used in Chinese cooking is rice, however, latest trend Chinese food use a variety of noodles that are made from different types of flours and their varied proportions. A typical Chinese meal consists of rice along with servings of several types of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. The Chinese cuisine consists of over eighty different sub-types. Most of these sub-types are associated to different regions of the mainland China. As the majority of Singaporean population is of Chinese origin, it is not at all difficult to locate a good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore, as a multitude of Chinese eating vistas are available at all corners of the city catering to all types of budget.


Cantonese food is reckoned for its creativity, subtleness of flavors and lightness of individual touch. Cantonese is the most popular Chinese cuisine in this island nation; you can find a large number of Cantonese restaurant Singapore serving sumptuous dishes to relish upon. Popular Cantonese dishes include Crispy and Deep Fried Chicken, Shark’s Fin Soup, Spring Rolls, Roast Suckling Pig, Won Ton Soup and perhaps the most popular of all dishes, the exquisite Dim Sum menu consisting of steamed or fried dumplings, buns and pastries stuffed with different types of meats, sweet sauces, prawns or herbs.


 Good chinese food in Singapore, Fried Hokkien Mee is one of Singapore’s favorite dishes. This dish consists of a rich mix of noodles made from wheat flour and is generally combined with vermicelli made from rice. This noodle mix is fried with heaps of prawns, garlic, bean-sprouts, eggs, pork and Chinese chives and drenched with rich pork stock. The dish is then served with some tantalizing chili paste and a slice of lime. Popiah is yet another Hokkien favorite, which are rolled crepes stuffed with prawns, eggs, shredded Chinese turnips, bamboo shoots, bean-sprouts and Chinese sausage. The dish is then seasoned with chili paste, garlic and sweet bean sauce. The delight of savoring Hokkien dish at an elegant venue having nice ambience for dinner in Singapore can’t be explained in words. You have to try it to know it.


Teochew cuisine is famous for its gentle steaming and roasting with a subtle touch of animal fat for seasoning. Teochew cooking is reckoned for crystal clear soups that are achieved by slow cooking on a low flame. Thus the dishes have a clear and light taste. Classical dishes include braised duck or goose and steamed fish.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Enjoying the traditional flavors of Singapore

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Singapore is a country that serves all sorts of food items from across the globe to all the tourists. You will never have to worry about food options when you travel to this Asian country. Irrespective of your ethnicity, you will be able to enjoy your meals at the best restaurants in Singapore. When you enjoy your meals at the Chinese, Spanish, Mexican and Western eateries in the country, you should not miss out on the local cuisine. The traditional flavors of Singapore are scrumptious and mouthwatering. Here are some of the must-try delicacies from the local platter.

Chicken rice

This is the most common dish preferred by the Singaporeans. The dish, as the name suggests, consist of chicken pieces and rice. The use of traditional spices to cook the chicken is the highlight of the dish. The local spices give the dish a unique flavor which is not found in any other kind of cuisine available in the world. When the chicken is added to the oily rice, it makes the dish a delight. You can find this delicacy at almost all the eateries in the country, even at the restaurants at the basement of malls and the hawker stalls.


Singaporean dishes are unique mainly because it is a blend of Indonesian, Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines. Laksa is a signature dish form the Singaporean salver which is made from noodles, vermicelli, coconut, and curry soup base. The addition of coconut is the main reason for the excellent taste of this dish. You can enjoy this dish for your lunch or dinner without even ordering a side dish. You can order it along with your favorite drinks at the best bars in Singapore.

Singapore Fish Head Curry

You should order the Singapore fish head curry for sure when you are visiting the country. The dish is cooked with fish head and rice as the key ingredients. The rice is not cooked fully and it gives a grainy texture to the dish. Different varieties of fishes are used to prepare this dish and you can ask for the available options while placing the order. It is served in clay pots at the traditional restaurants in the country.

Chili Crab

Chili crab is another popular dish that you should order when you visit the best bar and restaurant in Singapore. The key ingredient of this dish is mud crabs. The crabs are stir-fried along with sweet and savory chili sauce. Tomato sauce is also used to ease out the hotness of the dish. Even though the name suggests otherwise, it is not a very spicy dish. This is one of the dishes that are ordered by majority of the tourists visiting the country.

Ice Kachang

This is one of the best dishes to order for dessert after a filling meal in the country. Shaved ice along with red beans forms the major ingredients of this delicacy. This cold dessert is served with plenty of toppings like basil seeds, peanuts, corn and a scoop of ice-cream. You can choose the flavor of ice-cream when you place your order.
The best way to enjoy the true essence of a place is by ordering the local cuisine. When you order these dishes at the restaurants in the country, you can take a ride through the rich traditions and flavors of the country!