Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Salient Features of Chinese Cuisine, Why it is so Famous in Singapore

Sze chuan restaurant Singapore
Chinese culinary art is most popular and highly praised of all gastronomic realms. The main highlights of Chinese cooking is that the dish preparation methods are timesaving and inexpensive; round the corner, for formal events the culinary style provides sophisticated dishes of infinite variety with an extravagant look. However humble and simple the ingredients be, Chinese cooking provides them fantastic flavor and incredible taste apt to satiate the foodies. Singapore has a vast network of Chinese restaurants in all parts of the city, and you can easily find sumptuous Chinese dishes in a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore.

Chinese dishes have earned an exotic reputation by using different forms of food viz. bamboo shoots, lotus roots, water chestnuts, bird’s nest, shark’s fin, duck’s tongue, turtle meat, fish lips and lily blossoms. Most dishes are formed by a mixture of various foodstuffs. Another highlighting feature is that meat and vegetables are often cooked together with added seasonings and flavors. Meticulous cutting of foodstuffs into small pieces is stressed to enlarge the surface area exposed to the heat and flavors so that the aroma and taste gets well into the ingredients. Another advantage is that it makes the food easily handled by eating implements and also saves the time for dish preparation and saving fuel as an additional gain.

The modern Chinese diet is based on an agricultural economy that supports a vast ever increasing population. As such, dishes consist mostly of plant origin supplemented with small amounts of meat. Use of vegetable oils viz. cottonseed, soybean, peanut etc. is preferred over use of butter and saturated animal fats. A Cantonese restaurant Singapore is the place where you can relish some authentic Chinese delicacies. A typical Chinese meal consists of a number of beans or bean products viz. bean sprouts, soybean milk, bean curd and soy sauce. Most staple grain used is rice along with other mainstays such as millet and wheat. Com, kaoliang (sorghum variety), and barley are used extensively in North Chinese dishes. Coastal Chinese dishes widely use fresh seafood, whereas inland dishes use dehydrated and salted sea products for preparing delicacies or food for therapeutic use.

There is a striking difference in various sub forms of Chinese cuisine in this vast country, but various methods have long been standardized. The culinary methods common to most regions include stewing, simmering, braising, roasting, deep frying, barbecuing, steaming and double boiler cooking. Baking is a rarity at homes and boiling ingredients in large amounts of water is literally nonexistent, however blanching is carried out for ingredients prior to cooking. Best chill out bars in Singapore leverage the allure of Chinese dishes to attract more and more customers to their venues. Meticulous cutting of ingredients, accurate timing and quick intense heating are the most important elements of Chinese culinary that have earned it such a great name all over the world.