Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What do you love most about restaurants

best bar and restaurant in Singapore
When you want to enjoy some of the most amazing flavors from different parts of the world, the restaurants in Singapore would be a fabulous choice. There are plenty of factors that make the restaurants in the country splendid. The greatest reason is the wide variety of cuisines available. Even the smallest and least luxurious restaurant in the country offers good quality food items. You will be able to order traditional as well as contemporary flavors from all parts of the world when you visit some of the restaurants in the country.

The ambience provided at the top restaurants in the country will gift you with the best dining experience. When you visit an alfresco restaurant, you will be able to order the best Chinese food in Singapore and enjoy the wonderful ambience too. Whenever you want to celebrate a special occasion, the restaurants in the country would be the best place to visit. You will be able to have a jovial time with your dear ones when you visit the best bar and restaurant in Singapore on any day. The restaurants have beautiful interiors and provide you with the most comfortable seats too. You will love the table arrangements and the choice of colors to paint the interiors. Some of the restaurants would even play soft music in dim light to provide a romantic ambience. All the factors related to the restaurants are designed to provide you with the most tremendous experience.

The food and beverage combinations available at some of the restaurants are simply fabulous. You will be able to enjoy plenty of combinations that you have never tried in the past when you visit the good bars and restaurants in the country. When you visit a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore, you will be able to order the fiery variants of Chinese cuisine. Similarly, you will find all sorts of specialty restaurants in the country where you can order scrumptious delicacies. You will be able to satisfy your food cravings in the best possible manner when you visit the eateries in the country. The country is considered to be food capital because of the ambrosial food options available.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Simple ways to explore and learn about the tastes of wine

Cantonese restaurant Singapore
Wines are the most elegant beverages that can turn any day into a special one with ease. When you open a bottle of elegant wine and enjoy it with your close ones, you will be able to share some of the coziest moments in life. When you are out with your friends to celebrate a special moment of joy at a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore, starting off with a bottle of red wine will bring more happiness to the table with ease. Here are few simple ways to explore and learn about the taste of wine.

9 styles of wine

To start with your exploration you should try out the 9 splendid styles of wine. Full red wines, medium red wines, light red wines, rose wines, rich white wines, zesty white wines, sweet white wines, dessert wines and sparkling wines are the 9 primary styles of wine that should be tried out if you want to start off with your exploration in the best manner. The bars in Singapore serve all sorts of wine flavors. You will be able to try out all premium brands of wine when you visit the popular wine bars in the country. Each of the 9 styles of wine is different from one another and you will enjoy the subtle changes in the flavors when you try out these over a short period of time.

Trying out unique varieties

You might have tried out different varieties of wine among the 9 primary styles available and some of them might have already made it to your list of favorites. You should keep exploring new varieties whenever possible in order to learn about the tastes of wine. Some of the exotic variants will provide with a special feeling which you have never experienced in the past. You should always be on the lookout for that unique flavor of wine, which will provide you with a sublime feeling when you take the very first sip. This feeling will not be provided because of the elegance of the wine but only because of the uniqueness. Sometimes, you will find this unique flavor of wine at a Cantonese restaurant Singapore. You might not have ordered this even while visiting the most elegant wine bars in the country. It doesn’t really depend on the place but only on the circumstances and your good luck.

Read about wine

Reading about the different varieties of wine, the great food pairings with wine and the different methods to enjoy the drink etc will help you to learn a lot of new things. When you order red wine with dim sum Singapore, you will be able to dish in a whole new way compared to ordering it with other beverages. Similarly white wine and Thai food is a splendid combination. You will be able to enjoy the flavors of Thai cuisine in a whole new dimension when you order it with wine. There are plenty of magazines and online portals that will help you to enhance your knowledge about wine. Wine is extremely useful in keeping yourself healthy, if you consume the right amount of the drink in the right methods. It is a drink that will purify your blood and keep your heart healthy. When you read more and keep trying out new varieties, you will be able to learn more about wine.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

What is the best Ma Po Tofu recipe?

authentic Chinese food in Singapore
When you visit the restaurants serving authentic Chinese food in Singapore, you will find plenty of amazing dishes in the menu with Ma Po Tofu as the key ingredient. It is a staple ingredient at majority of the Chinese restaurants, especially the ones serving Szechuan cuisine. Some of the Ma Po Tofu based dishes available at the Chinese restaurants serving dim sum Singapore will tickle your taste buds for long. The succulent flavors and the Chinese spices added along will make the delicacy lip smacking. Now, what is best Ma Po Tofu recipe? Do you want to make a Ma Po tofu dish at home just like the way it is served at a splendid Chinese restaurant in Singapore? Here is a very popular recipe that involves no tough steps.

You can buy Ma Po Tofu from the grocery stores in Singapore. You need to keep it refrigerated until you need it for cooking. Once you take it out of the refrigerator you should immerse it in a bowl of water. Now let us take a look at the other ingredients required to prepare the dish. You need to buy Szechuan peppercorns, both red and green. Buy about a quarter pound of ground pork from the local store. You also need fermented red chilies which are to be mixed with broad bean paste.  You also need red chili flakes in order to cook the dish in the authentic way. You will also need a couple of spring onions, 2 spoons of chicken broth and black bean sauce. Now, the cooking process! You should take the Ma Po Tofu out of the water, dry it and cut it into small pieces. Cut the spring onions and garlic into tiny pieces. Now heat oil in a pan, add chili paste and garlic pieces, and stir-fry the ingredients. You should not now add the grounded pork and stir until it is cooked well. Now, you should lower the flame and add the brown bean sauce to the pan. Add the small pieces of Ma Po Tofu and cook until it turn deep brown. Add chicken broth and water in small quantities and add the chopped spring onion to it. You will have to cook for about ten minutes to get the dish ready. Just before serving, sprinkle chili flakes on the dish and you will be able to enjoy the dish in its traditional flavor.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Top Five Chinese Restaurants in Singapore

Authentic Chinese food in Singapore
If you are in Singapore and love Chinese dishes, congratulations! This city is incredible for having Chinese food in all its preeminence with a varied range of menu choices. All over Singapore, you will have a nice time seeing a number of Cantonese, Teochew, Hokkien and Hainanese restaurants. Here’s a list of a few renowned names in Chinese culinary in this island nation.

Royal China restaurant at Raffles

Managed by a London based restaurateur, Royal China is an internationally famed Chinese restaurant situated at Raffles, the famous heritage hotel in Singapore. The restaurant offers eloquent Chinese cuisine and affordable Cantonese dishes. It has established itself as a reckoned hotspot of Dim sum Singapore with delicious morsels being its signature dish.

Kezhan at Raffles

It is a perfect location to drift into the soothing ancient days. A traditional style restaurant featuring authentic Chinese cuisine with sophisticated culinary via best Chinese ingredients. The diverse menu features a healthy assortment of dishes that are discerningly succulent. Kezhan highlights the broadest range of Sochu, Sake, Chinese wines ( Mou Tai, Bai Jiu, Hsao Hsing) along with internationally reputed liquor brands. Pair them with a palette of Guangdong & Sichuan cuisine for a jovial meal.

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

Wah Lok has set a standard of being one of the most iconic Cantonese restaurants in the Lion City, where the sumptuous Chinese food is served with an influence of Hong Kong style. Not only has the restaurant been successful in providing the best flavors presented by the Hong Kong chefs, but it also continually maneuvers new delicacies for the Singaporeans.

Hai Tien Lo

The award winning restaurant, Hai Tien Lo has been transformed from a rooftop restaurant with stunning CBD skyline views to an outstanding contemporary oriental dining hotspot on the 3rd floor of Pan Pacific Hotel. However, Hai Tien Lo has never changed the quality of services it offers and sumptuousness of the dishes is same as ever. Well accepted as a nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore, here you can find excellent Cantonese dining with a unique contemporary twist.

Min Jiang at One North

The venue consists of a spacious double storied black & white colonial style bungalow and offers fine dining in lush greenery and panoramic beauty all around. The restaurant offers authentic Chinese food in Singapore with excellent Sichuan and superb Cantonese cuisine, and worth to mention the swanky Peking duck is their Signature dish.

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Monday, 3 November 2014

Economics of a fast food restaurant compared to a casual dining restaurant

Chinese restaurant in Singapore
Singapore is a country that is famous for the amazing food options available. If you want to start restaurant business in the country, you will definitely be able to nejoy good returns if you make the right plans and execute them in the best manner. You can start either a fast food outlet or a casual dining place in the country. Both these options are profitable when you consider long term returns.

In order to start a fast food outlet, you will not have to spend a lot of money. A casual dining place on the other hand requires a good amount of investment in order to get the attention of the people. You will visit a Chinese restaurant in Singapore only if the facilities provided and the ambience is equally good when compared to the quality of food served. Hence, plenty of parameters are taken into consideration when you choose a casual dining place in the country. A fast food outlet needs only quick services and tasty dishes. You will not have to provide plenty of facilities. A stand-and-eat fast food outlet will also attract plenty of visitors if the quality of food served is great. Both the options are profitable if you are planning to start it in Singapore because of the huge number of tourists traveling to the country on a daily basis. However the business operations at a fast food outlet will be quite different from that at a restaurant that serve good Chinese food in Singapore. Everything from investment, services to returns would be entirely different.

Fast food restaurants are preferred by the travelers who look for quick options to quench their hunger. The rates would be low and hence plenty of people will visit the fast food outlet if the food served is tasty. If you run a fast food outlet, you will definitely be able to enjoy great profits if you choose a good location in the country. You will also be able to attract many regular visitors if you take care of the hygiene while serving lip smacking dishes. Regular customers will definitely consider the price factor important and this is where you will be able to earn profits. People who depend on restaurants for food will reserve the best restaurants in Singapore for special occasions only.

When you take into consideration a casual dining restaurant, the ambience and facilities provided plays an important role in attracting customers. Serving the most scrumptious dishes alone will not be able to drive crowd into the place. However, once you get a good name among the food lovers in the country, you will be able to take your business to great heights. The returns would be slower compared to the fast food outlets but it will definitely be higher. You will however be able to enjoy he amounts as returns once you earn a good reputation. The customers visiting the place would definitely be able to afford an expensive meal and you will be able to increase the rates too once in a while.

If you provide topnotch facilities like the popular restaurants in the country you will be able to attract plenty of customers when you start a casual dining place in the country. If you choose an ideal location and serve delectable dishes at wallet-friendly rates, you will be able to earn profits from a fast food outlet.