Monday, 17 February 2014

Do You Struggle Eating Dim Sums with Chopstick at Chinese Restaurant? Here Are Your Tips

dim sum in Singapore
How many of you are crazy for eating dim sums and occasionally look for dim sum serving restaurant in Singapore? I am sure there would be several hands raised up in the air having a watered mouth. Well, if you die to taste the dim sum in Singapore with authentic flavors, then you should also learn how to eat them in a traditional way. Yes, the actual fun of eating dim sums is with chopsticks. So, if you struggle with your chopsticks to eat the dim sums, then here are certain tips for you. Have a look:

•    Place one chopstick in your middle finger & thumb. This would be a stationery one and will act as an anchor. In the crook of the hand where the thumb & pointer finger connect, hold the broad end of the stick. You have to ensure that your hand is stiff, as that would create firm grip. Now rest the narrow end of the stick between the thumb base & index finger.
•    Pick the 2nd chopstick using your thumb and index finger to make a grip; this is the one that you have to move. Place your thumb on the side of the second chopstick and make the stick rest over the first one. Hold on to the grip and adjust it a bit to the comfortable position.

And yes, you have to make sure that the narrow tips are even. This will help you in eating the food otherwise sticks would cross and prevent you to eat the food.

•    Make a 45° angle with chopsticks to eat the food. Once you are sure that you have hold firm grip on the food and you can easily lift it to your mouth then lift it otherwise adjust the setting.

Sze chuan restaurant in SingaporeYou cannot learn eating with chopsticks in a day. You definitely have to keep on trying eating with the chopsticks to become a master. Initially, you can try with opening & closing the chopsticks and preventing making X to easily the pick the food. Gradually you will learn and get hold of the traditional way of eating Chinese food to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Once you are ready with this, then visit your favorite Sze chuan restaurant in Singapore and enjoy the delicacy in traditional way.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Interesting List Characterizing the Good Chinese Food in Singapore

Best restaurants in Singapore
Singapore has become the right place for all sorts of bistros which we could include in an interesting list of best restaurants in Singapore. There is a large list to consider but we will only take into account this time the most important tendencies and features that characterize these amazing restaurant which you can easily find when you go to Singapore. You will definitely have a great eating experience there.

Modern Tendencies

The scene is identically buzzy for indie operators as new little plate eateries continue to catch the limelight, unfazed by the incessant stream of Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian and Japanese openings. Not amazingly, clusters of dining enclaves have popped up and this exhilaration has spilled over to the Association Street, which is enjoying a renewal after years of slumber. Records from the Accounting and business Regulatory Authority (ACRA) show that 686 new eateries sprouted in Singapore last year. Staggering growth for a city with less than 3,000 bistros. We’ve combed them all and shortlisted just a handful of the best restaurants in Singapore to have opened last year.


Adorned spaces with a life-size decorating of a wine-guzzling cherubs at great Singapore bars and restaurants are the flawless setting to showcase the menu of good Chinese food in Singapore. Think of tart-flambé and rotisserie meats made with a feel of Mediterranean flair. Also, bar managers in Singapore could run everything in the amazing Singapore eatery of your dreams. Spanish chefs rule when it comes to the open notion kitchen where a charcoal driven inside baking oven fumes the Mediterranean small plates to perfection. Best features encompass:

Good Chinese food in Singapore•    Scrambled eggs

•    Amazing  smoked mushrooms

•    Black truffle shaving

•    Char-grilled asparagus

•    Crispy leek

These are some of the most amazing features and aspects about amazing restaurants to consider whenever you want to have good Chinese food in Singapore. They can be included in any list encompassing great eating places in Singapore because their chefs and special recipes make them worthy of being considered the best.  You should only choose the best dining places when you are in Singapore because you have a wide variety of options to consider and choose from and it would be a shame not to take advantage of what it offered to you.