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Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore for Elaborate Chinese Banquet

Best chinese food in SingaporeMore than 70% of Singapore’s population is of Chinese origin, thus it is no surprise that Chinese culinary ideas dominate Singapore’s food scene. Whether you long for a hot bowl of wanton soup, some mouthwatering dim sum or a grand multicourse feast, you would not be too far from a high class Chinese restaurant when you are at Singapore. Here’s a list of top class restaurants to find some authentic Chinese food in Singapore.

Crystal Jade is one such renowned name that has created success stories with restaurants in numerous locations all over Asia. Its three jewels are present in Singapore to entice foodies to have a feasting delight like never before. Find Crystal Jade Golden Palace at Paragon Shopping Center, Crystal Jade Dining IN at Vivocity, the largest shopping mall at Singapore and Crystal Jade Palace at Ngee Ann City shopping center in Orchard Road. These restaurants are known for cohering some of the best dim sum dishes in the town amidst a chic setting for an ideal Cantonese meal.

If you are looking for a nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore, visit Kezan at 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, Singapore to have a relaxing banquet of authentic Chinese food drifting into the imaginary world of ancient days. The restaurant also offers excellent facilities for corporate gatherings with international level of reputable liquors alongside palette of Sichuan & Guangdong cuisine for a memorable meal.

If you are up to nice ambience, then head for One Rochester to experience the fine al-fresco style dinging amidst lush foliage in a renovated black & white colonial bungalow of Min Jiang at One North. The sumptuous dish that makes customers come over and over again to this delightful place is the awesome Peking Duck plate. Another big shot name for Peking Duck recipe is Paradise Pavilion located at Marina Bay Financial Centre.

If you are looking for some grand experience regarding scrumptious Chinese dishes, find elite restaurants at many of the five star hotels of Singapore. Discover one such place in form of Royal China, a sophisticated restaurant serving authentic Chinese cuisine in some great seating arrangement at Raffles Hotel; another famed name exhibiting Chinese gastronomy at its best is Hai Tien Lo at the Pan Pacific hotel with its spell bounding views of Marina Bay; yet another revered place in this category is Jiang-Nan Chun at the Four Seasons Hotel serving extraordinary dishes along with a weekend excitement of ala carte buffet brunch.

For having some relaxed form of dining experience, try savoring at the ever popular and bustling with people all through the year “Yum Cha” at the heart of Chinatown; what a great option for having most exciting  dim sum Singapore while you are on a shopping spree collecting souvenirs at various shops in this locality. Another favorite spot famous for its noodles and dumplings is Din Tai Fung. Truly, the culinary scene of Singapore can make you fan of this Southeast Asian country. Over years, people of various ethnic groups have settled in this island nation and enriched its gastronomic heritage. Today you can find eclectic food choices from all parts of the world adorning the dining tables of countless restaurants and eateries of this country.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Top 6 Noodle Dishes In Singapore for Your Appetite

Good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore
Noodles are staple in Chinese cooking and have been into use since ages. Made from wheat, rice or moong bean flour these are liked by all. Whether you are interested in Szechuan Dan Dan Mein or quick and easy Lo Mein or you want to savor the hearty noodles from northern China with an aroma of meat sauce, there is no end to the exquisite noodle delicacies offered by Chinese cuisine in Singapore. Here is a list of noodle dishes that can be found in any good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore.

Chicken Chow Mein

This is the most widespread noodle dish consisting of noodles paired with succulent chicken pieces along with an assortment of colorful veggies including celery, red bell pepper and bok choy (Chinese cabbage) in an oyster flavored sauce.

Chicken Lo Mein

This saucy chicken noodle dish is easy to make and is full of flavors. The chicken pieces are incredibly tender. The combination of garlic, ginger and soy sauce provides it an authentic taste. The dish pairs the chicken with mushrooms and snow peas. Garnishing is done with fresh cilantro. Several restaurants with nice ambience for dinner in Singapore serve this dish in its original form or adding a little contemporary twist making it even better.

Chinese Noodles in Peanut Sauce

Thin Hakka noodles are tossed with sesame paste, sesame oil, honey and two types of soy sauce. Roasted peanuts provide the final touch. The dish is quite easy to make and tastes fabulous when served hot, warm or even cold. That’s why it is ideal for packed lunches.

Shanghai stir fried noodles with chicken

This is the chicken noodle recipe prepared with thick Shanghai noodles that are thick and absorb flavors well when Hoisin sauce is added during the final stages of cooking

Szechuan Noodles 

This is another form of noodles and dishes are made combining with chicken, shrimp etc. with some veggies in a spicy sauce with hot chili oil

Noodles with meat sauce

This dish finds its origin in northern China. Noodles are coated with a hearty meat sauce made by grinding pork or any other meat in Hoisin sauce and brown bean sauce. Best bar and restaurant in Singapore serves this dish in its traditional style along with a hodgepodge of vegetable garnishes.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Feasting Your Heart out at Singapore’s Chinatown

Best chinese food in Singapore
With its vivid culinary scene, Singapore recently topped the list of ‘most restaurants per million people’. Chinatown in Singapore best reflects its culture and local traditions including food habits and sumptuous dishes. Here you can find some of the best Chinese food in Singapore; the street food embellishes most of Chinatown’s access roads and the restaurants here offer plenty of specialties to attract diners and tourists from all over.

The restaurants encompassed in shop-houses lining Smith, Sago, Trengganu, Pagoda and Temple Streets serve a wide assortment of vivacious Chinese food ranging from delicate pastries to favorite dishes like bak kut teh. Most of the time, the streets are cramped and recklessly busy. Good Chinese food in Singapore is visible all around in this destination and the relentless influx of tourists via MRT exit on Pagoda Street keeps the shop owners and visitors on their toes. One of the streets namely Smith Street is completely devoted to food and has been designated as Chinatown Food Street in 2001. The street is known for country’s first al-fresco dining venue in a heritage district.

Traversing from Pagoda Street, crossing the South Bridge Road and walking southwest, you will reach the remarkable Buddha Tooth Temple; across this impressive site stands the Maxwell Food Centre. Maxwell leverages its central Chinatown location and food stalls here operate for long hours. It is popular among all sections of Singaporeans and all the ethnic communities due to its surprisingly low cost hawker stalls and very famous street foods. Here, you can have a soupy and satisfying lor mee for as low as SGD 3 or spend a buck or two more for the exciting Hainanese chicken rice.

If you are on your way to locate nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore, you can find plenty of them in Chinatown and in other parts of Singapore. With about seventy percent of Singapore population being of Chinese origin, finding a good quality Chinese eatery is never far from sight in this island nation.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The best snacks that you can enjoy in Singapore

sze chuan restaurant Singapore
When you visit Singapore to enjoy a wonderful leisure trip, you would want to spend majority of your time outdoors enjoying the amazing fun options in the country. The country is famous for its numerous entertainment options and you will find the hours of day insufficient to cover all the places. When you travel around the country, you would stop by at best chill out bars in Singapore to enjoy your favorite drinks and food. However, if you are on a tight schedule you might have to skip a few meals due to the trips to various places. To quench your hunger you might have to rely on the quick snacks available in the country many a time. Here are some of the best snacks available in Singapore that are tasty as well as worth a try.

Curry Puff

This is one of the most filling snacks that you would find in various eateries in Singapore. You can order the curry puff at the splendid restaurants serving amazing cuisines as well as the wayside food stalls that are famous for the fast-food varieties. The main ingredients of this dish are chicken curry, fried potatoes and eggs. The combination of these ingredients is wrapped in the form of a fried pastry. It is a delight to order when you need a quick snack in between your sightseeing trips.

Chwee Kueh

Rice dishes are immensely common throughout Singapore. The main advantage of ordering rice dishes is that it helps to slake your appetite with ease. The Chwee Kueh is a wonderful food dish that consists of steamed rice cake and various vegetables. Ordering this dish if you skip your breakfast will help you to stay healthy all through the day. The presence of carrots and radish in the dish topped with chili sauce makes it extremely delectable. If you love dim sum Singapore, you will love this dish too because it is mouthwatering and filling.

Mee Chiang Kueh

This is a very nutritious snack mainly because the major ingredients of the dish are peanut butter and sugar filling. If you want to refill your energy levels in between a tedious day of shopping, stop by at one of the local food vendors in the country or the food stalls in one of the malls and order this dish. It is refreshing as well as tasty.


With Chinese sausage, finely shredded peanuts, lettuce, sliced turnip, bean sprouts and egg as the key ingredients this is one quick-munch-delicacy that you can order at a sze chuan restaurant Singapore. The Chinese spices added to the dish makes it lip smacking and you will definitely go back for more before leaving the country.


This is a traditional south Indian snack that is served along with chutney. You can order this dish to meet your food cravings during the morning or evening hours at the Indian restaurants as well as the hawker stalls in the busy shopping streets in Singapore.

Fried dough sticks

This is one of staple snacks available in the country which tastes well with porridge. You can also enjoy the dish along with warm soya milk. You will be able to enjoy this dish best when it is served hot. You can enjoy this dish at majority of the restaurants serving the local cuisine.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

An Array of Elegant Wine Bars in Singapore to Make Your Evenings Pleasant

Reckoned as one of the most outstanding tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, Singapore offers hordes of entertainment facilities to visitors, who come to this hotspot for having a mesmerizing vacation or to look for prospective business options. The city doesn’t believe in tardiness, and you will find plenty of smiling faces spreading warmth across the city. In fact it is the safest place in Asia, and to add icing to the cake, the environmental pollution is minimal in this island nation because of the fact that almost half of the area is covered with greenery. The abundant shopping and dining facilities available throughout the city offer spoilt choices, so much that you won’t leave this destination bare handed or empty stomach.

As the skies turn shady, Singapore transforms itself from a leisure friendly destination to a fully puffed party scene. Youngsters, travelers, as well as high profile businessmen indulge into a frenzied atmosphere at Singapore bars going all loud and boisterous grooving to DJ’s music. It can be an intoxicating experience for the first timer. Alternatively, if you want a cool and calm experience, the city also presents some of the best chill out bars in Singapore, where you can just relax away your time amidst convivial company with a glass of beer or fine quality wine.

Clarke Quay is adorned with plenty of enticing street side restaurants, shopping outlets, pubs and bars offering visitors to indulge into a wide range of activities under the starry night sky of Singapore. While it presents a laid back environment, Orchard Road is the scene for the most happening clubs and dance bars of the city. Hardcore party animals get a chance to set the dance floor on fire with their hip movements amidst some great company. Family persons looking to have some great time eating out can settle for a lovely feast at a Cantonese restaurant Singapore. When so much of fun and enjoyment is scattered everywhere, it’s quite easy to find your share of excitement in this astounding country.

Whether you are looking for extravagant cocktail or a mug of ice cold beer or you are on your lookout for sumptuous street food, Singapore will never let you down. Various shopping malls, top notch hotels, road side outlets are all packed with good quality restaurants. The city presents world famous cuisines from different parts of the world in all their awe and flair, but the Chinese culinary methods and Chinese dishes are found in majority and dominate the gastronomic scene of Singapore. You can easily find a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore, a dim sum eatery or a noodle dish at food stalls. In other words, Singapore can turn out to be your dream city, bringing all the enchantments of life all together at one place.