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The most popular Sze chuan dishes in Singapore

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Chinese cuisine is immensely popular in Singapore. Chinese cuisine is available in different styles. Cantonese, Hunan, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Sze chuan are the different kinds available. Out of these Cantonese and Sze chuan are the most popular ones. Compared to the other variants of Chinese cuisine, the Sze chuan dishes are said to be spicier. However, when you browse through the menu at a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore, you will understand that all sorts of dishes are actually available and that not all dishes are spicy. Here are some of the most popular Sze chuan dishes available in Singapore.

Crispy Sze chuan beef

Unlike the other variants of Chinese cuisine, Sze chuan offers plenty of beef delicacies. Crispy Sze chuan beef is one dish that will make you feel smug when you take the very first bite itself. The main reason for the splendid taste is that the beef is fried for a long time. This process makes the beef really chewy and amazingly crispy. A variety of Chinese spices are added to the beef and cooked again till all the ingredients gets absorbed and becomes a tasty dish. You can order it with egg fried rice and enjoy a fabulous meal.

Mapo Tofu

This is a dish that is one of the typical Sze chuan dishes which is spicy. The main ingredient is bean curd which is known in China as Tofu. It is mixed with hot chili sauce and cooked with black beans. Minced meat is added to this mixture and cooked again for few minutes. You can order the dish with a choice of beef or pork according to your taste preferences. This is one of the best dishes that you can order at the best chill out bars in Singapore along with your favorite drinks.

Twice cooked pork

As the name suggests this is a pork delicacy which is cooked in a different style. Pork belly steaks are first boiled in water along with cloves, salt and ginger slices. This combination is then cooled down to make the mat firm. Once this process is completed, it is cut into thin slices and fried in oil with different varieties of vegetables like cabbages and scallions. This is one of the dishes that you can order as main course when you visit a traditional Sze chuan restaurant in Singapore.

Fuqi Feipian

The Fuqi Feipian is a dish that is usually served at room temperature. The heart, tongue and tripe of beef are the key ingredients of this dish. You can order this dish when you enjoy dim sum Singapore as an interim meal. This beef delicacy is hot and spicy and will be a good dish to order with Chinese tea. This dish is also available with lamb as the key ingredient instead of the beef.
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Tea smoked duck

This is one the best duck based dishes available in the country. Black pepper, camphor leaves, tea leaves are used to bump up the duck that is marinated for hours. After this process the combination is blenched in hot water. Later it is towel dried to make the make the skin extremely tight after which it is smoked for about 15 minutes with tea leaves and deep-fried. It is a lip smacking dish which you should definitely order at an authentic Chinese restaurant in the country.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Reasons, Why Chinese Food is So Famous All over the World

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The Chinese cuisine holds a prominent place in the culinary methods across the globe. One can find Chinese being served in almost any part of the world. Why is Chinese food so popular? Singapore and Chinese culture are closely related; with a large segment of Chinese population in Singapore, you can easily find some very authentic Chinese food in Singapore. What makes Chinese food peoples’ most loved and adored dishes? Here are some of the most obvious reasons –

It’s quick to make and often inexpensive. It tends to be more of a family style, and there is often a lot of variety viz. lot of mixing and matching of veggies and meats.

Chinese believe that food making is an art, and over centuries they have developed some very intricate cooking techniques. Take for example making noodles. Before machines took over this work, noodle making was a pretty difficult task during food preparation, but in China noodle making has been into practice since past two thousand years. And with coming of machines for making noodles, this item has known no boundaries and has made entire world its home.

Best Chinese food bar in Singapore use authentic Chinese cooking methods viz. steaming, boiling, roasting, stewing and baking that involve little or no use of oil. Moreover, most of the Chinese delicacies are stir fried rather than deep-fried, thus, they are suitable for a healthy diet.

Chinese restaurant in Singapore are known for their traditional Chinese cuisine that holds on maintaining a healthy balance between different types of meat. According to Chinese traditions, this balance is very necessary to ward off illness and other body ailments.
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Certain Chinese food ingredients and food products are known for their health related benefits. Some Chinese mushrooms and green tea are regarded to contain chemicals that can fight against cancer. Green tea also contains anti-oxidants that are beneficial towards losing weight.

In Singapore, you can find all kinds of Chinese restaurants; ranging from those serving authentic Chinese to those giving a modern twist and bringing new innovations to the Chinese recipe.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What factors make great bars in Singapore

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Singapore is known for its bars and restaurants; what factors make a great bar out of a good one; on close consideration, you’ll find that the tangible factors of any successful business setup can be applied here too, viz. location, prices, selection and service etc. for a first impression. But, what about the intangible issues that go a long way to take the fame of the bar higher and higher. Some of the best bars in Singapore have sorted out meticulously on various issues to present the most satisfying experience their customers deserve.


We don’t expect the folks behind the bars to be jugglers or joke crackers all the time, but they are the real stars of the show, and a friendly conduct and prompt service with a glittering smile on the face goes a long way to enchant a customer.

Neat and clean bathrooms

When you hang around a particular place for a considerable amount of time, you need good lavatory services as part of the package. Spilled sanitary supplies, wet toilet papers scattered on floor and standing water shouldn’t be visible anywhere in the bar bathrooms. They should be free from any urine gust and present a pleasant aroma for a first-rate sanitary experience. Best bar and restaurant in Singapore are aware of this fact, and here you would be happy to “break off your seal” without any fuss whenever you feel an urge to get lighter.

 Best bar and restaurant in SingaporeDécor, ambience and music

These are vital elements that makes your bar and restaurant’s atmosphere magnetic. If they are fond of, many customers visit your restaurant again and again purely owing to these features. Theme based décor is quite popular these days; any good theme like soccer, baseball or location based themes such as European or Caribbean would exhibit a style in itself. Music should create an enchanting effect instead of shouting. Light music can set the mood of the visitors. The overall ambience should encourage guests to enter into a vivid conversation with their companions. Best restaurants of Singapore have embarked on this aspect, and with some additional creativity they just charm their guests.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Cantonese Restaurants in Singapore

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If you want to enjoy authentic Chinese delicacies in Singapore, visit a Cantonese restaurant nearby. Cantonese restaurants are a type of Chinese restaurants serving Chinese recipes in their true flavor. These types of restaurants originated in Southern China, soon spread to Hong Kong and then to different parts of the world. Typically Dim Sum dishes are served in the afternoon. Chaa Lau (Tea House), Jau Lau (Wine House) and Sea food restaurants are a few variants of Cantonese restaurants. Modern forms of these restaurants are farfetched from their ancestors in Guangzhou, these cannot always afford to totally cook from raw herbs and spices, nevertheless the basic nature of Chinese culture and age old traditions are preserved and reflected in the dishes.

If you are looking for a good ambience Chinese restaurant in Singapore, there is no dearth of these in this sunny city, which always remains in the spotlight of exquisite Chinese cuisine. It’s an excellent experience to socialize with friends, family members or business associates dining out over lovely and tantalizing dishes with roasted chicken, suckling pork, fresh sea food and double boiled soups. Most of the Cantonese restaurants are known for their nice ambience for dinner in Singapore. Some of the best Cantonese restaurants are located in Singapore, and you can utilize their facilities for a romantic date with your partner, wedding ceremonies, private dining or corporate functions. They are also ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, brunch or high tea.

Some popular Cantonese restaurants at Singapore are – 

Asia Grand Restaurant, Location – 331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Tower

Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House, Location – 31 Ocean Way, 01-13 Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove

Cantonese restaurant Singapore Cherry Garden, Location – Mandarin Oriental, 5 Raffles Avenue

Chao Shan Cuisine, Location – 85 Beach Road

Feng Shui Inn, Location – Level G2, Crockfords Tower, 39 Artillery Avenue

Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Location – 290 Orchard Road, 05-22 The Paragon

You can find Cantonese restaurants serving dishes in all kinds of budgets. However some of the restaurants may not be that cheap so as to dine on a daily basis, but the overall experience is so elegant and nice that you won’t mind paying and coming again and again.