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What are the best ways to cook Lotus Leaf Rice?

Lotus Leaf Rice
Chinese dishes are popular around the world because of the umpteen varieties of flavors served. You will not be tired of ordering Chinese food because of the splendid varieties of delicacies available. When you visit a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore you will get to enjoy the spicy delicacies cooked in Chinese style. If you visit the Cantonese restaurants, you will be able to order to less spicy dishes which you would find at the Chinese restaurants all over the world. Lotus Leaf Rice is one of the most scrumptious dishes available from the Chinese platter at the best chill out bars in Singapore. Here are few recipes that use this stunning combination along with Chinese spices. 

Lotus leaf wraps is a popular dim sum Singapore that can be ordered at the popular snack bars in the country and also cooked at home. You need 4 lotus leaves that are cut into halves, about 150g sticky rice, 6 ounce chicken breasts, 4 dried mushrooms, 1tsp Chinese rice wine, 1tbsp soy sauce, 2tsp cornstarch dissolved in water, vegetable oil for stir-frying, a few drops of sesame oil, and freshly ground pepper to taste. You need to soak the lotus leaves in hot water for about an hour. You should now add water to the rice and soak it for an hour. You should now pat the lotus leaves dry and drain the water in the rice. Steam the rice now and keep it covered in a bowl. Soak the mushrooms in hot water for about half an hour and chop it finely after removing the stems. Cut the chicken breasts into small cubes, marinate with the wine, and cornstarch. You should now finely cut the sausages, and in another bowl mix the wine and sauce. Add the cornstarch to the sauce. Ina wok, heat oil and stir-fry the garlic. Now add the chicken cubes and stir-fry until it is almost fully cooked. Now, you should add the sausages and mushrooms and stir-fry for another minute. Now mix all ingredients and cook for another 2 minutes. Allow it to cool. Now, separate the rice and the other mixture into 8 separate portions. You should spread the rice on the leave and make space with your hands to immerse the fillings. Now cover it with more rice and wrap it well. You should steam the each of these wraps before serving to provide the right mix of flavors. 

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Popularity of Chinese food in Singapore

Best Chinese food in Singapore
Exclusive menus available:

As you know, Singapore receives people from all parts of the world. In order to cater to these tourists the hotels in Singapore prepare continental food. For example there are European food joints, Indian food joints and so on. In spite of finding such specialized food joints many tourists prefer to dine in any of the Chinese restaurant in Singapore. That speaks of the unique recipe and taste of the Chinese food. As history says, many people of Chinese origin settled down in Singapore several centuries ago. These people of Chinese origin have started exclusive hotels where they serve the Best Chinese food in Singapore.  As some tourists say, it is ideal that you taste these exclusive Chinese menus along with exclusive drinks available there and you would certainly fall in love with these exclusive Chinese recipes.

Some of the popular dishes:

Of course in Singapore as well as in China Rice is has been a staple food. Perhaps in order to keep up this tradition, you find several exclusive rice based recipes like Hainanese Chicken rice, fried rice with egg and so many varieties of rice based dishes in the Chinese food joints of Singapore. In addition to these the other popular exclusive Chinese dishes are Dumpling Noodles, Dum sum Singapore, Marinated Black Fungus with Sprouts kaya toast, fried carrot cake, Chilli Crab and so on. The exclusive Chinese hotels in Singapore are specialized in the preparation of these dishes. As tourists say, the marinated black fungus is an exclusive food and this is one of the most sought after Chinese food in Singapore. This is an exclusive food which has more than 35 different varieties of recipes. Popular among them are Black fungus salad, Black fungus mushroom and Marinated black ear.

Wonderful taste and aroma:

Every tourist always makes it a point to visit some of the exclusive Chinese food joints for a taste of the Good Chinese food in Singapore. These foods are not only known for their taste but also for their exclusive aroma. Many of these foods are also known for their nutrient value. It is always a pleasure to taste these foods because except China and Singapore perhaps you may not get these exclusive Chinese foods in any other part of the world.

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How to cook Fragrant Pork Strips

Fragrant Pork Strips
Fragrant pork strips is one of the tastiest pork delicacies available in Singapore. You will be able to enjoy this dish in its traditional form if you visit a nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore. The dish is cooked using the culinary skills made popular by the Chinese chefs and done using a wok. The perfect blend of Chinese spices and the pork gives the dish a unique taste. If you want to enjoy good Chinese food in Singapore, you can order this dish any day at the authentic restaurants. You can also cook it at home using the right set of ingredients. Here is the process that will help you to enjoy the dish in its traditional flavor.

To make scrumptious fragrant pork strips, you need 4 tbsp of groundnut oil, 2 cloves garlic that is chopped finely, 1tbsp of grated ginger, a finely chopped red chili, 200g pork mince, 1 tbsp of rice wine, 2 tbsp chili sauce, a small piece of Chinese cabbage that is sliced lengthwise, 1 tbsp of sesame oil and vinegar, 2 chopped onions, and 1tbsp corn flour mixed well in cold water. These are the same ingredients that are used in the best restaurants in Singapore to prepare this dish. You need to heat a wok until it is smoking hot and then add 2 tbsp of groundnut oil. You should sauté the ginger, garlic, and chili for a few seconds. Now add the pork mince to the wok and sauté for few minutes, add the rice wine, and continue cooking for few more minutes until it gets a brownish shade. You should now add the chili sauce and then the Chinese cabbage. You should now season it with the vinegar and sesame oil and cook for few more minutes until the pork is fully cooked. Stir the onions and then add the corn flour paste. The fragrant pork is now ready to be served.

This is a fabulous dish that can be prepared with ease to make special occasions memorable. You will be able to enjoy it best when you order it along with the Chinese fried rice delicacies or noodles.

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What is the best way to cook Beggar's Chicken?

Beggar’s chicken is one of the most amazing Chinese delicacies available in the world. Even though the name of it gives an inferior feel, the dish is extremely rich due to the amazing choice of ingredients. When you visit the best bar and restaurant in Singapore to enjoy a wonderful dinner with family, ordering Beggar’s Chicken along with the lip smacking Chinese rice delicacies would be a good choice. You can also try out this delicacy at the hawker stalls in the country during the night hours when you stop for a quick bite. You will find this dish cooked in the traditional style when you visit the authentic Chinese restaurants serving dim sum Singapore. If you make good use of your culinary skills you can prepare this amazing dish at home too.

The key ingredients required for the preparation of this dish are soy sauce, Chinese rice wine, about 2kg of chicken, glutinous rice, dried lotus notes and shiitake mushrooms. You will also need a quarter of oil in the cup. Spring onions, Chinese sausages that are chopped quite well, grated ginger, chopped garlic cloves, and about 600g of plain flour are needed. Chinese spices are also needed to provide an authentic taste. You should blend the rice wine, Chinese spices and soy sauce in a bowl. Place the chicken pieces in the bowl and allow it to mix well with the other ingredient. You should cover this and place in the refrigerator for a day. You should also place the rice in water and leave it overnight. You should now place the lotus leaves in hot water and leave it for about 40 minutes. Mushrooms should also be cleaned and chopped. Now place a tbsp of oil in the pan to cook the garlic and ginger. The mushrooms, rice, extra marinade and rice should be added to it and stirred. You need to fill the chicken cavity with this combination. Roll it in the lotus leaf and heat it for half an hour in the oven at a temperature of 160 degree. This is the same way the Beggars chicken dish is served at the best restaurants in Singapore. The dish is served without peeling off the lotus leaves.

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What do you love most about restaurants

best bar and restaurant in Singapore
When you want to enjoy some of the most amazing flavors from different parts of the world, the restaurants in Singapore would be a fabulous choice. There are plenty of factors that make the restaurants in the country splendid. The greatest reason is the wide variety of cuisines available. Even the smallest and least luxurious restaurant in the country offers good quality food items. You will be able to order traditional as well as contemporary flavors from all parts of the world when you visit some of the restaurants in the country.

The ambience provided at the top restaurants in the country will gift you with the best dining experience. When you visit an alfresco restaurant, you will be able to order the best Chinese food in Singapore and enjoy the wonderful ambience too. Whenever you want to celebrate a special occasion, the restaurants in the country would be the best place to visit. You will be able to have a jovial time with your dear ones when you visit the best bar and restaurant in Singapore on any day. The restaurants have beautiful interiors and provide you with the most comfortable seats too. You will love the table arrangements and the choice of colors to paint the interiors. Some of the restaurants would even play soft music in dim light to provide a romantic ambience. All the factors related to the restaurants are designed to provide you with the most tremendous experience.

The food and beverage combinations available at some of the restaurants are simply fabulous. You will be able to enjoy plenty of combinations that you have never tried in the past when you visit the good bars and restaurants in the country. When you visit a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore, you will be able to order the fiery variants of Chinese cuisine. Similarly, you will find all sorts of specialty restaurants in the country where you can order scrumptious delicacies. You will be able to satisfy your food cravings in the best possible manner when you visit the eateries in the country. The country is considered to be food capital because of the ambrosial food options available.

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Simple ways to explore and learn about the tastes of wine

Cantonese restaurant Singapore
Wines are the most elegant beverages that can turn any day into a special one with ease. When you open a bottle of elegant wine and enjoy it with your close ones, you will be able to share some of the coziest moments in life. When you are out with your friends to celebrate a special moment of joy at a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore, starting off with a bottle of red wine will bring more happiness to the table with ease. Here are few simple ways to explore and learn about the taste of wine.

9 styles of wine

To start with your exploration you should try out the 9 splendid styles of wine. Full red wines, medium red wines, light red wines, rose wines, rich white wines, zesty white wines, sweet white wines, dessert wines and sparkling wines are the 9 primary styles of wine that should be tried out if you want to start off with your exploration in the best manner. The bars in Singapore serve all sorts of wine flavors. You will be able to try out all premium brands of wine when you visit the popular wine bars in the country. Each of the 9 styles of wine is different from one another and you will enjoy the subtle changes in the flavors when you try out these over a short period of time.

Trying out unique varieties

You might have tried out different varieties of wine among the 9 primary styles available and some of them might have already made it to your list of favorites. You should keep exploring new varieties whenever possible in order to learn about the tastes of wine. Some of the exotic variants will provide with a special feeling which you have never experienced in the past. You should always be on the lookout for that unique flavor of wine, which will provide you with a sublime feeling when you take the very first sip. This feeling will not be provided because of the elegance of the wine but only because of the uniqueness. Sometimes, you will find this unique flavor of wine at a Cantonese restaurant Singapore. You might not have ordered this even while visiting the most elegant wine bars in the country. It doesn’t really depend on the place but only on the circumstances and your good luck.

Read about wine

Reading about the different varieties of wine, the great food pairings with wine and the different methods to enjoy the drink etc will help you to learn a lot of new things. When you order red wine with dim sum Singapore, you will be able to dish in a whole new way compared to ordering it with other beverages. Similarly white wine and Thai food is a splendid combination. You will be able to enjoy the flavors of Thai cuisine in a whole new dimension when you order it with wine. There are plenty of magazines and online portals that will help you to enhance your knowledge about wine. Wine is extremely useful in keeping yourself healthy, if you consume the right amount of the drink in the right methods. It is a drink that will purify your blood and keep your heart healthy. When you read more and keep trying out new varieties, you will be able to learn more about wine.

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What is the best Ma Po Tofu recipe?

authentic Chinese food in Singapore
When you visit the restaurants serving authentic Chinese food in Singapore, you will find plenty of amazing dishes in the menu with Ma Po Tofu as the key ingredient. It is a staple ingredient at majority of the Chinese restaurants, especially the ones serving Szechuan cuisine. Some of the Ma Po Tofu based dishes available at the Chinese restaurants serving dim sum Singapore will tickle your taste buds for long. The succulent flavors and the Chinese spices added along will make the delicacy lip smacking. Now, what is best Ma Po Tofu recipe? Do you want to make a Ma Po tofu dish at home just like the way it is served at a splendid Chinese restaurant in Singapore? Here is a very popular recipe that involves no tough steps.

You can buy Ma Po Tofu from the grocery stores in Singapore. You need to keep it refrigerated until you need it for cooking. Once you take it out of the refrigerator you should immerse it in a bowl of water. Now let us take a look at the other ingredients required to prepare the dish. You need to buy Szechuan peppercorns, both red and green. Buy about a quarter pound of ground pork from the local store. You also need fermented red chilies which are to be mixed with broad bean paste.  You also need red chili flakes in order to cook the dish in the authentic way. You will also need a couple of spring onions, 2 spoons of chicken broth and black bean sauce. Now, the cooking process! You should take the Ma Po Tofu out of the water, dry it and cut it into small pieces. Cut the spring onions and garlic into tiny pieces. Now heat oil in a pan, add chili paste and garlic pieces, and stir-fry the ingredients. You should not now add the grounded pork and stir until it is cooked well. Now, you should lower the flame and add the brown bean sauce to the pan. Add the small pieces of Ma Po Tofu and cook until it turn deep brown. Add chicken broth and water in small quantities and add the chopped spring onion to it. You will have to cook for about ten minutes to get the dish ready. Just before serving, sprinkle chili flakes on the dish and you will be able to enjoy the dish in its traditional flavor.

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Top Five Chinese Restaurants in Singapore

Authentic Chinese food in Singapore
If you are in Singapore and love Chinese dishes, congratulations! This city is incredible for having Chinese food in all its preeminence with a varied range of menu choices. All over Singapore, you will have a nice time seeing a number of Cantonese, Teochew, Hokkien and Hainanese restaurants. Here’s a list of a few renowned names in Chinese culinary in this island nation.

Royal China restaurant at Raffles

Managed by a London based restaurateur, Royal China is an internationally famed Chinese restaurant situated at Raffles, the famous heritage hotel in Singapore. The restaurant offers eloquent Chinese cuisine and affordable Cantonese dishes. It has established itself as a reckoned hotspot of Dim sum Singapore with delicious morsels being its signature dish.

Kezhan at Raffles

It is a perfect location to drift into the soothing ancient days. A traditional style restaurant featuring authentic Chinese cuisine with sophisticated culinary via best Chinese ingredients. The diverse menu features a healthy assortment of dishes that are discerningly succulent. Kezhan highlights the broadest range of Sochu, Sake, Chinese wines ( Mou Tai, Bai Jiu, Hsao Hsing) along with internationally reputed liquor brands. Pair them with a palette of Guangdong & Sichuan cuisine for a jovial meal.

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

Wah Lok has set a standard of being one of the most iconic Cantonese restaurants in the Lion City, where the sumptuous Chinese food is served with an influence of Hong Kong style. Not only has the restaurant been successful in providing the best flavors presented by the Hong Kong chefs, but it also continually maneuvers new delicacies for the Singaporeans.

Hai Tien Lo

The award winning restaurant, Hai Tien Lo has been transformed from a rooftop restaurant with stunning CBD skyline views to an outstanding contemporary oriental dining hotspot on the 3rd floor of Pan Pacific Hotel. However, Hai Tien Lo has never changed the quality of services it offers and sumptuousness of the dishes is same as ever. Well accepted as a nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore, here you can find excellent Cantonese dining with a unique contemporary twist.

Min Jiang at One North

The venue consists of a spacious double storied black & white colonial style bungalow and offers fine dining in lush greenery and panoramic beauty all around. The restaurant offers authentic Chinese food in Singapore with excellent Sichuan and superb Cantonese cuisine, and worth to mention the swanky Peking duck is their Signature dish.

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Economics of a fast food restaurant compared to a casual dining restaurant

Chinese restaurant in Singapore
Singapore is a country that is famous for the amazing food options available. If you want to start restaurant business in the country, you will definitely be able to nejoy good returns if you make the right plans and execute them in the best manner. You can start either a fast food outlet or a casual dining place in the country. Both these options are profitable when you consider long term returns.

In order to start a fast food outlet, you will not have to spend a lot of money. A casual dining place on the other hand requires a good amount of investment in order to get the attention of the people. You will visit a Chinese restaurant in Singapore only if the facilities provided and the ambience is equally good when compared to the quality of food served. Hence, plenty of parameters are taken into consideration when you choose a casual dining place in the country. A fast food outlet needs only quick services and tasty dishes. You will not have to provide plenty of facilities. A stand-and-eat fast food outlet will also attract plenty of visitors if the quality of food served is great. Both the options are profitable if you are planning to start it in Singapore because of the huge number of tourists traveling to the country on a daily basis. However the business operations at a fast food outlet will be quite different from that at a restaurant that serve good Chinese food in Singapore. Everything from investment, services to returns would be entirely different.

Fast food restaurants are preferred by the travelers who look for quick options to quench their hunger. The rates would be low and hence plenty of people will visit the fast food outlet if the food served is tasty. If you run a fast food outlet, you will definitely be able to enjoy great profits if you choose a good location in the country. You will also be able to attract many regular visitors if you take care of the hygiene while serving lip smacking dishes. Regular customers will definitely consider the price factor important and this is where you will be able to earn profits. People who depend on restaurants for food will reserve the best restaurants in Singapore for special occasions only.

When you take into consideration a casual dining restaurant, the ambience and facilities provided plays an important role in attracting customers. Serving the most scrumptious dishes alone will not be able to drive crowd into the place. However, once you get a good name among the food lovers in the country, you will be able to take your business to great heights. The returns would be slower compared to the fast food outlets but it will definitely be higher. You will however be able to enjoy he amounts as returns once you earn a good reputation. The customers visiting the place would definitely be able to afford an expensive meal and you will be able to increase the rates too once in a while.

If you provide topnotch facilities like the popular restaurants in the country you will be able to attract plenty of customers when you start a casual dining place in the country. If you choose an ideal location and serve delectable dishes at wallet-friendly rates, you will be able to earn profits from a fast food outlet.

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Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore for Elaborate Chinese Banquet

Best chinese food in SingaporeMore than 70% of Singapore’s population is of Chinese origin, thus it is no surprise that Chinese culinary ideas dominate Singapore’s food scene. Whether you long for a hot bowl of wanton soup, some mouthwatering dim sum or a grand multicourse feast, you would not be too far from a high class Chinese restaurant when you are at Singapore. Here’s a list of top class restaurants to find some authentic Chinese food in Singapore.

Crystal Jade is one such renowned name that has created success stories with restaurants in numerous locations all over Asia. Its three jewels are present in Singapore to entice foodies to have a feasting delight like never before. Find Crystal Jade Golden Palace at Paragon Shopping Center, Crystal Jade Dining IN at Vivocity, the largest shopping mall at Singapore and Crystal Jade Palace at Ngee Ann City shopping center in Orchard Road. These restaurants are known for cohering some of the best dim sum dishes in the town amidst a chic setting for an ideal Cantonese meal.

If you are looking for a nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore, visit Kezan at 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, Singapore to have a relaxing banquet of authentic Chinese food drifting into the imaginary world of ancient days. The restaurant also offers excellent facilities for corporate gatherings with international level of reputable liquors alongside palette of Sichuan & Guangdong cuisine for a memorable meal.

If you are up to nice ambience, then head for One Rochester to experience the fine al-fresco style dinging amidst lush foliage in a renovated black & white colonial bungalow of Min Jiang at One North. The sumptuous dish that makes customers come over and over again to this delightful place is the awesome Peking Duck plate. Another big shot name for Peking Duck recipe is Paradise Pavilion located at Marina Bay Financial Centre.

If you are looking for some grand experience regarding scrumptious Chinese dishes, find elite restaurants at many of the five star hotels of Singapore. Discover one such place in form of Royal China, a sophisticated restaurant serving authentic Chinese cuisine in some great seating arrangement at Raffles Hotel; another famed name exhibiting Chinese gastronomy at its best is Hai Tien Lo at the Pan Pacific hotel with its spell bounding views of Marina Bay; yet another revered place in this category is Jiang-Nan Chun at the Four Seasons Hotel serving extraordinary dishes along with a weekend excitement of ala carte buffet brunch.

For having some relaxed form of dining experience, try savoring at the ever popular and bustling with people all through the year “Yum Cha” at the heart of Chinatown; what a great option for having most exciting  dim sum Singapore while you are on a shopping spree collecting souvenirs at various shops in this locality. Another favorite spot famous for its noodles and dumplings is Din Tai Fung. Truly, the culinary scene of Singapore can make you fan of this Southeast Asian country. Over years, people of various ethnic groups have settled in this island nation and enriched its gastronomic heritage. Today you can find eclectic food choices from all parts of the world adorning the dining tables of countless restaurants and eateries of this country.

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Top 6 Noodle Dishes In Singapore for Your Appetite

Good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore
Noodles are staple in Chinese cooking and have been into use since ages. Made from wheat, rice or moong bean flour these are liked by all. Whether you are interested in Szechuan Dan Dan Mein or quick and easy Lo Mein or you want to savor the hearty noodles from northern China with an aroma of meat sauce, there is no end to the exquisite noodle delicacies offered by Chinese cuisine in Singapore. Here is a list of noodle dishes that can be found in any good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore.

Chicken Chow Mein

This is the most widespread noodle dish consisting of noodles paired with succulent chicken pieces along with an assortment of colorful veggies including celery, red bell pepper and bok choy (Chinese cabbage) in an oyster flavored sauce.

Chicken Lo Mein

This saucy chicken noodle dish is easy to make and is full of flavors. The chicken pieces are incredibly tender. The combination of garlic, ginger and soy sauce provides it an authentic taste. The dish pairs the chicken with mushrooms and snow peas. Garnishing is done with fresh cilantro. Several restaurants with nice ambience for dinner in Singapore serve this dish in its original form or adding a little contemporary twist making it even better.

Chinese Noodles in Peanut Sauce

Thin Hakka noodles are tossed with sesame paste, sesame oil, honey and two types of soy sauce. Roasted peanuts provide the final touch. The dish is quite easy to make and tastes fabulous when served hot, warm or even cold. That’s why it is ideal for packed lunches.

Shanghai stir fried noodles with chicken

This is the chicken noodle recipe prepared with thick Shanghai noodles that are thick and absorb flavors well when Hoisin sauce is added during the final stages of cooking

Szechuan Noodles 

This is another form of noodles and dishes are made combining with chicken, shrimp etc. with some veggies in a spicy sauce with hot chili oil

Noodles with meat sauce

This dish finds its origin in northern China. Noodles are coated with a hearty meat sauce made by grinding pork or any other meat in Hoisin sauce and brown bean sauce. Best bar and restaurant in Singapore serves this dish in its traditional style along with a hodgepodge of vegetable garnishes.

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Feasting Your Heart out at Singapore’s Chinatown

Best chinese food in Singapore
With its vivid culinary scene, Singapore recently topped the list of ‘most restaurants per million people’. Chinatown in Singapore best reflects its culture and local traditions including food habits and sumptuous dishes. Here you can find some of the best Chinese food in Singapore; the street food embellishes most of Chinatown’s access roads and the restaurants here offer plenty of specialties to attract diners and tourists from all over.

The restaurants encompassed in shop-houses lining Smith, Sago, Trengganu, Pagoda and Temple Streets serve a wide assortment of vivacious Chinese food ranging from delicate pastries to favorite dishes like bak kut teh. Most of the time, the streets are cramped and recklessly busy. Good Chinese food in Singapore is visible all around in this destination and the relentless influx of tourists via MRT exit on Pagoda Street keeps the shop owners and visitors on their toes. One of the streets namely Smith Street is completely devoted to food and has been designated as Chinatown Food Street in 2001. The street is known for country’s first al-fresco dining venue in a heritage district.

Traversing from Pagoda Street, crossing the South Bridge Road and walking southwest, you will reach the remarkable Buddha Tooth Temple; across this impressive site stands the Maxwell Food Centre. Maxwell leverages its central Chinatown location and food stalls here operate for long hours. It is popular among all sections of Singaporeans and all the ethnic communities due to its surprisingly low cost hawker stalls and very famous street foods. Here, you can have a soupy and satisfying lor mee for as low as SGD 3 or spend a buck or two more for the exciting Hainanese chicken rice.

If you are on your way to locate nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore, you can find plenty of them in Chinatown and in other parts of Singapore. With about seventy percent of Singapore population being of Chinese origin, finding a good quality Chinese eatery is never far from sight in this island nation.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The best snacks that you can enjoy in Singapore

sze chuan restaurant Singapore
When you visit Singapore to enjoy a wonderful leisure trip, you would want to spend majority of your time outdoors enjoying the amazing fun options in the country. The country is famous for its numerous entertainment options and you will find the hours of day insufficient to cover all the places. When you travel around the country, you would stop by at best chill out bars in Singapore to enjoy your favorite drinks and food. However, if you are on a tight schedule you might have to skip a few meals due to the trips to various places. To quench your hunger you might have to rely on the quick snacks available in the country many a time. Here are some of the best snacks available in Singapore that are tasty as well as worth a try.

Curry Puff

This is one of the most filling snacks that you would find in various eateries in Singapore. You can order the curry puff at the splendid restaurants serving amazing cuisines as well as the wayside food stalls that are famous for the fast-food varieties. The main ingredients of this dish are chicken curry, fried potatoes and eggs. The combination of these ingredients is wrapped in the form of a fried pastry. It is a delight to order when you need a quick snack in between your sightseeing trips.

Chwee Kueh

Rice dishes are immensely common throughout Singapore. The main advantage of ordering rice dishes is that it helps to slake your appetite with ease. The Chwee Kueh is a wonderful food dish that consists of steamed rice cake and various vegetables. Ordering this dish if you skip your breakfast will help you to stay healthy all through the day. The presence of carrots and radish in the dish topped with chili sauce makes it extremely delectable. If you love dim sum Singapore, you will love this dish too because it is mouthwatering and filling.

Mee Chiang Kueh

This is a very nutritious snack mainly because the major ingredients of the dish are peanut butter and sugar filling. If you want to refill your energy levels in between a tedious day of shopping, stop by at one of the local food vendors in the country or the food stalls in one of the malls and order this dish. It is refreshing as well as tasty.


With Chinese sausage, finely shredded peanuts, lettuce, sliced turnip, bean sprouts and egg as the key ingredients this is one quick-munch-delicacy that you can order at a sze chuan restaurant Singapore. The Chinese spices added to the dish makes it lip smacking and you will definitely go back for more before leaving the country.


This is a traditional south Indian snack that is served along with chutney. You can order this dish to meet your food cravings during the morning or evening hours at the Indian restaurants as well as the hawker stalls in the busy shopping streets in Singapore.

Fried dough sticks

This is one of staple snacks available in the country which tastes well with porridge. You can also enjoy the dish along with warm soya milk. You will be able to enjoy this dish best when it is served hot. You can enjoy this dish at majority of the restaurants serving the local cuisine.

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An Array of Elegant Wine Bars in Singapore to Make Your Evenings Pleasant

Reckoned as one of the most outstanding tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, Singapore offers hordes of entertainment facilities to visitors, who come to this hotspot for having a mesmerizing vacation or to look for prospective business options. The city doesn’t believe in tardiness, and you will find plenty of smiling faces spreading warmth across the city. In fact it is the safest place in Asia, and to add icing to the cake, the environmental pollution is minimal in this island nation because of the fact that almost half of the area is covered with greenery. The abundant shopping and dining facilities available throughout the city offer spoilt choices, so much that you won’t leave this destination bare handed or empty stomach.

As the skies turn shady, Singapore transforms itself from a leisure friendly destination to a fully puffed party scene. Youngsters, travelers, as well as high profile businessmen indulge into a frenzied atmosphere at Singapore bars going all loud and boisterous grooving to DJ’s music. It can be an intoxicating experience for the first timer. Alternatively, if you want a cool and calm experience, the city also presents some of the best chill out bars in Singapore, where you can just relax away your time amidst convivial company with a glass of beer or fine quality wine.

Clarke Quay is adorned with plenty of enticing street side restaurants, shopping outlets, pubs and bars offering visitors to indulge into a wide range of activities under the starry night sky of Singapore. While it presents a laid back environment, Orchard Road is the scene for the most happening clubs and dance bars of the city. Hardcore party animals get a chance to set the dance floor on fire with their hip movements amidst some great company. Family persons looking to have some great time eating out can settle for a lovely feast at a Cantonese restaurant Singapore. When so much of fun and enjoyment is scattered everywhere, it’s quite easy to find your share of excitement in this astounding country.

Whether you are looking for extravagant cocktail or a mug of ice cold beer or you are on your lookout for sumptuous street food, Singapore will never let you down. Various shopping malls, top notch hotels, road side outlets are all packed with good quality restaurants. The city presents world famous cuisines from different parts of the world in all their awe and flair, but the Chinese culinary methods and Chinese dishes are found in majority and dominate the gastronomic scene of Singapore. You can easily find a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore, a dim sum eatery or a noodle dish at food stalls. In other words, Singapore can turn out to be your dream city, bringing all the enchantments of life all together at one place.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Famous Singapore Culinary Styles

Chinese restaurant in Singapore
Singapore is effervescent with tourists, expatriates and inhabitants from all over the world. Since ages, people hailing from different ethnic regions of China, Malaysia, India and Western countries have influenced Singapore’s gastronomy, and the country is now regarded as a foodie’s paradise. Singaporeans just love to eat out; you can find multicultural feasting options at several of Singapore’s restaurants, hawker centers and food courts. As majority of Singaporeans are of Chinese origin, you will find emphatic Chinese influence all around, and Chinese food recipes in Singapore restaurant are a common sight. Here is a list of various culinary styles that have become inseparable elements of today’s Singapore’s gastronomy –

Malayan food

Simply because Singapore is located adjacent to Malaysia and a large chunk of its population is of Malayan origin, you can find a number of restaurants and food stalls serving Malayan dishes. The cuisine is widely reckoned for its aromatic blend of herbs and spices that includes kaffir lime leaf, shallots and lemongrass, curry leaves, ginger and turmeric, galangal, pungent bleachan (shrimp paste) and chilies. Visit a Malay stall to pick nasi padang – a wide assortment of spicy fish, meat, poultry and vegetable dishes that are served with rice. Malayan desserts mostly consist of coconut milk, freshly grated coconut and palm sugar. Must to try dishes are Laksa (coconut based gravies) and Satay (grilled meat).

Chinese food

Chinese influence on Singapore dates back to centuries, and today their influence on its gastronomic styles is authoritative. You can easily find cozy restaurants serving authentic Chinese food in Singapore. Subtly flavored Cantonese cuisine as well as the fiery Szechuan cuisine recipes adorn the tables of these restaurants and eateries. Rice is the staple food in most Chinese dishes. Hot favorite dishes are shark fin soup, fried Hokkien Mee (this contains noodles, vermicelli, garlic, chili gravy, pork, prawns and many other ingredients), spring rolls and Teochew dishes, such as braised duck and steamed fish.

Indian food
Many South Indian families migrated to the island nation in 1940s and today there is a whole area known as Little India around Serangoon Road. Must try Indian dishes are Idlis, dosas, vadas and the north Indian tandoori chicken.

Nyonya food

Nyonya are a mix race of Malayan and Chinese, and they are known for their hot and spicy food loaded with flavors of turmeric and ginger. Their cooking methods are quite elaborate and recipes are creative. Famous dishes in this category are – Enche kabin (small pieces of chicken marinated in oyster sauce and soy) and chicken kapitan (a special chicken curry containing tamarind juice, fresh turmeric, candlenut, and shrimp paste)

Apart from these Singapore also offers an assortment of western dishes that comprises of American, Italian and Spanish dishes. But the most widespread and ardent variety is presented by Chinese restaurant in Singapore that are just anywhere in the city.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What Type of Teas Are Served In Chinese Restaurants of Singapore

Sze chuan restaurant Singapore
Many people love enjoying tea at Chinese restaurants; this is because China has a relatively richer and more active tea culture than other countries. The teas served in Chinese restaurants are typically different from the tea types consumed in Britain, US and India and often represent a unique exposure to the style that is common and closely related to the Chinese tradition.

Types of tea served in Chinese restaurants

No single standard type of tea can be regarded as the customary of Chinese restaurants; rather, an assortment of different varieties is served in a particular setting. The most commonly served varieties are oolong and Jasmine tea. Green tea and Pu-erh are also sometimes served. There are tea brands that market tea which is a blend of oolong, jasmine and green teas for Chinese restaurants.

Cantonese restaurant Singapore, those serving dim sum (a number of small dishes often in form of dumplings served as ala carte) and many other Chinese restaurants habitually serve Pu-erh tea or a tea having a blend of Pu-erh with chrysanthemum flowers. Foojay, a tea brand markets Chrysanthemum Puerh under the brand name “Dim Sum Bo Nay Tea”.

Choosing Pu-erh, oolong, jasmine and other teas

Although you can find the use of tea bags in a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore, most of the time they prefer using loose tea leaves; as a matter of fact best teas are actually available in loose leaf form.

Oolong, also spelled as ‘wu-long’ is a partially oxidized tea and holds an intermediate stage between green tea and black tea. Many times oolong served in various Chinese restaurants are fairly roasted providing them a dark tint and roasted whiff.

Jasmine tea, as the name suggests is a floral mix tea that is prepared by mixing tea leaves (generally green or pouchong tea) with jasmine petals.

Chinese green tea can be of diversified forms, but most commonly they are pan-fired in woks heated by wood fire that renders them with a unique and mild smoky aroma.

Pu-erh is a variety of fermented dark tea that is often aged and improves with age. It is known for its earthy aroma and a soft flavor that blends well with chrysanthemum flowers.

Dim sum Singapore leverages the wide assortment of Chinese teas offering their customers unique experience each time with an exquisite combination of cute dumplings and amazingly flavored tea.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Salient Features of Chinese Cuisine, Why it is so Famous in Singapore

Sze chuan restaurant Singapore
Chinese culinary art is most popular and highly praised of all gastronomic realms. The main highlights of Chinese cooking is that the dish preparation methods are timesaving and inexpensive; round the corner, for formal events the culinary style provides sophisticated dishes of infinite variety with an extravagant look. However humble and simple the ingredients be, Chinese cooking provides them fantastic flavor and incredible taste apt to satiate the foodies. Singapore has a vast network of Chinese restaurants in all parts of the city, and you can easily find sumptuous Chinese dishes in a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore.

Chinese dishes have earned an exotic reputation by using different forms of food viz. bamboo shoots, lotus roots, water chestnuts, bird’s nest, shark’s fin, duck’s tongue, turtle meat, fish lips and lily blossoms. Most dishes are formed by a mixture of various foodstuffs. Another highlighting feature is that meat and vegetables are often cooked together with added seasonings and flavors. Meticulous cutting of foodstuffs into small pieces is stressed to enlarge the surface area exposed to the heat and flavors so that the aroma and taste gets well into the ingredients. Another advantage is that it makes the food easily handled by eating implements and also saves the time for dish preparation and saving fuel as an additional gain.

The modern Chinese diet is based on an agricultural economy that supports a vast ever increasing population. As such, dishes consist mostly of plant origin supplemented with small amounts of meat. Use of vegetable oils viz. cottonseed, soybean, peanut etc. is preferred over use of butter and saturated animal fats. A Cantonese restaurant Singapore is the place where you can relish some authentic Chinese delicacies. A typical Chinese meal consists of a number of beans or bean products viz. bean sprouts, soybean milk, bean curd and soy sauce. Most staple grain used is rice along with other mainstays such as millet and wheat. Com, kaoliang (sorghum variety), and barley are used extensively in North Chinese dishes. Coastal Chinese dishes widely use fresh seafood, whereas inland dishes use dehydrated and salted sea products for preparing delicacies or food for therapeutic use.

There is a striking difference in various sub forms of Chinese cuisine in this vast country, but various methods have long been standardized. The culinary methods common to most regions include stewing, simmering, braising, roasting, deep frying, barbecuing, steaming and double boiler cooking. Baking is a rarity at homes and boiling ingredients in large amounts of water is literally nonexistent, however blanching is carried out for ingredients prior to cooking. Best chill out bars in Singapore leverage the allure of Chinese dishes to attract more and more customers to their venues. Meticulous cutting of ingredients, accurate timing and quick intense heating are the most important elements of Chinese culinary that have earned it such a great name all over the world.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Savoring Chinese Delicacies with Friends and Family this Hari Raya

good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore
Singapore is multicultural eclectic city, full of life and vibrancy. One of the major festivals of this island nation, Hari Raya is here, and Malayan localities will be seen rejoicing, feasting, dancing and greeting friends and acquaintances. Not only Malay, with Hari Raya Puasa all the ethnic groups of Singapore get a chance to enjoy and celebrate. The festive season is all about visiting friends and relatives, seeking forgiveness, dining, dancing and merrymaking. The restaurants of Singapore make special arrangements for the festival. From street food to nice ambience for dinner in Singapore top class restaurants, you can sense a festive atmosphere everywhere.

As you expect Hari Raya to bring with it mind boggling selection of dishes at all corners of the city, try some exciting Chinese delicacies this time. Who can resist starters like crispy wan tun dumplings stuffed with prawns and deep fried, or the gooey, the sweet barbecued spare ribs that always make the diners to lick their fingers? This festive season, head to a good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore with friends and family to mark the occasion with intense aromatic flavor in every bite guaranteed by finest of ingredients.

Try the fillet steak roll having slices of fillet meat rolled with king prawn and marinated and cooked in a sweet fruity Cantonese sauce. If you are looking for a Hari Raya indulgence and impressing your guests, try the king prawn sizzler, which contains succulent king prawns, green peppers and onions all cooked in thickly rich satay sauce. You can also celebrate the festivities with all time Chinese favorite dishes such as crispy aromatic duck, addictively spicy Singapore fried vermicelli and lemon chicken. Vegetarians can also find delightful dishes in form of uniquely sweet and sour pe pa tofu croquettes, which is a mashed yam and tofu thoroughly mixed with finely chopped vegetables, deep fried and served elegantly with sweet and sour sauce.

If dim sum is your thing this Hari Raya, the Cantonese restaurant Singapore is all set to mesmerize you and your counterparts with exquisite dim sum menu. Savor on prawn dumplings, meat balls with Chinese greens, custard cream and steamed sponge rolls entertaining your taste buds for hours.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Chinese Food and Its Subtypes in Singapore – Why They Are So Famous

Cantonese restaurant Singapore
A wide assortment of Chinese food is found in Singapore ranging from subtle Cantonese to the fiery Szechuan cuisine. The most staple ingredient used in Chinese cooking is rice, however, latest trend Chinese food use a variety of noodles that are made from different types of flours and their varied proportions. A typical Chinese meal consists of rice along with servings of several types of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. The Chinese cuisine consists of over eighty different sub-types. Most of these sub-types are associated to different regions of the mainland China. As the majority of Singaporean population is of Chinese origin, it is not at all difficult to locate a good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore, as a multitude of Chinese eating vistas are available at all corners of the city catering to all types of budget.


Cantonese food is reckoned for its creativity, subtleness of flavors and lightness of individual touch. Cantonese is the most popular Chinese cuisine in this island nation; you can find a large number of Cantonese restaurant Singapore serving sumptuous dishes to relish upon. Popular Cantonese dishes include Crispy and Deep Fried Chicken, Shark’s Fin Soup, Spring Rolls, Roast Suckling Pig, Won Ton Soup and perhaps the most popular of all dishes, the exquisite Dim Sum menu consisting of steamed or fried dumplings, buns and pastries stuffed with different types of meats, sweet sauces, prawns or herbs.


 Good chinese food in Singapore, Fried Hokkien Mee is one of Singapore’s favorite dishes. This dish consists of a rich mix of noodles made from wheat flour and is generally combined with vermicelli made from rice. This noodle mix is fried with heaps of prawns, garlic, bean-sprouts, eggs, pork and Chinese chives and drenched with rich pork stock. The dish is then served with some tantalizing chili paste and a slice of lime. Popiah is yet another Hokkien favorite, which are rolled crepes stuffed with prawns, eggs, shredded Chinese turnips, bamboo shoots, bean-sprouts and Chinese sausage. The dish is then seasoned with chili paste, garlic and sweet bean sauce. The delight of savoring Hokkien dish at an elegant venue having nice ambience for dinner in Singapore can’t be explained in words. You have to try it to know it.


Teochew cuisine is famous for its gentle steaming and roasting with a subtle touch of animal fat for seasoning. Teochew cooking is reckoned for crystal clear soups that are achieved by slow cooking on a low flame. Thus the dishes have a clear and light taste. Classical dishes include braised duck or goose and steamed fish.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Enjoying the traditional flavors of Singapore

best restaurants in Singapore
Singapore is a country that serves all sorts of food items from across the globe to all the tourists. You will never have to worry about food options when you travel to this Asian country. Irrespective of your ethnicity, you will be able to enjoy your meals at the best restaurants in Singapore. When you enjoy your meals at the Chinese, Spanish, Mexican and Western eateries in the country, you should not miss out on the local cuisine. The traditional flavors of Singapore are scrumptious and mouthwatering. Here are some of the must-try delicacies from the local platter.

Chicken rice

This is the most common dish preferred by the Singaporeans. The dish, as the name suggests, consist of chicken pieces and rice. The use of traditional spices to cook the chicken is the highlight of the dish. The local spices give the dish a unique flavor which is not found in any other kind of cuisine available in the world. When the chicken is added to the oily rice, it makes the dish a delight. You can find this delicacy at almost all the eateries in the country, even at the restaurants at the basement of malls and the hawker stalls.


Singaporean dishes are unique mainly because it is a blend of Indonesian, Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines. Laksa is a signature dish form the Singaporean salver which is made from noodles, vermicelli, coconut, and curry soup base. The addition of coconut is the main reason for the excellent taste of this dish. You can enjoy this dish for your lunch or dinner without even ordering a side dish. You can order it along with your favorite drinks at the best bars in Singapore.

Singapore Fish Head Curry

You should order the Singapore fish head curry for sure when you are visiting the country. The dish is cooked with fish head and rice as the key ingredients. The rice is not cooked fully and it gives a grainy texture to the dish. Different varieties of fishes are used to prepare this dish and you can ask for the available options while placing the order. It is served in clay pots at the traditional restaurants in the country.

Chili Crab

Chili crab is another popular dish that you should order when you visit the best bar and restaurant in Singapore. The key ingredient of this dish is mud crabs. The crabs are stir-fried along with sweet and savory chili sauce. Tomato sauce is also used to ease out the hotness of the dish. Even though the name suggests otherwise, it is not a very spicy dish. This is one of the dishes that are ordered by majority of the tourists visiting the country.

Ice Kachang

This is one of the best dishes to order for dessert after a filling meal in the country. Shaved ice along with red beans forms the major ingredients of this delicacy. This cold dessert is served with plenty of toppings like basil seeds, peanuts, corn and a scoop of ice-cream. You can choose the flavor of ice-cream when you place your order.
The best way to enjoy the true essence of a place is by ordering the local cuisine. When you order these dishes at the restaurants in the country, you can take a ride through the rich traditions and flavors of the country!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The most popular Sze chuan dishes in Singapore

best chill out bars in Singapore
Chinese cuisine is immensely popular in Singapore. Chinese cuisine is available in different styles. Cantonese, Hunan, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Sze chuan are the different kinds available. Out of these Cantonese and Sze chuan are the most popular ones. Compared to the other variants of Chinese cuisine, the Sze chuan dishes are said to be spicier. However, when you browse through the menu at a Sze chuan restaurant Singapore, you will understand that all sorts of dishes are actually available and that not all dishes are spicy. Here are some of the most popular Sze chuan dishes available in Singapore.

Crispy Sze chuan beef

Unlike the other variants of Chinese cuisine, Sze chuan offers plenty of beef delicacies. Crispy Sze chuan beef is one dish that will make you feel smug when you take the very first bite itself. The main reason for the splendid taste is that the beef is fried for a long time. This process makes the beef really chewy and amazingly crispy. A variety of Chinese spices are added to the beef and cooked again till all the ingredients gets absorbed and becomes a tasty dish. You can order it with egg fried rice and enjoy a fabulous meal.

Mapo Tofu

This is a dish that is one of the typical Sze chuan dishes which is spicy. The main ingredient is bean curd which is known in China as Tofu. It is mixed with hot chili sauce and cooked with black beans. Minced meat is added to this mixture and cooked again for few minutes. You can order the dish with a choice of beef or pork according to your taste preferences. This is one of the best dishes that you can order at the best chill out bars in Singapore along with your favorite drinks.

Twice cooked pork

As the name suggests this is a pork delicacy which is cooked in a different style. Pork belly steaks are first boiled in water along with cloves, salt and ginger slices. This combination is then cooled down to make the mat firm. Once this process is completed, it is cut into thin slices and fried in oil with different varieties of vegetables like cabbages and scallions. This is one of the dishes that you can order as main course when you visit a traditional Sze chuan restaurant in Singapore.

Fuqi Feipian

The Fuqi Feipian is a dish that is usually served at room temperature. The heart, tongue and tripe of beef are the key ingredients of this dish. You can order this dish when you enjoy dim sum Singapore as an interim meal. This beef delicacy is hot and spicy and will be a good dish to order with Chinese tea. This dish is also available with lamb as the key ingredient instead of the beef.
Sze chuan restaurant Singapore
Tea smoked duck

This is one the best duck based dishes available in the country. Black pepper, camphor leaves, tea leaves are used to bump up the duck that is marinated for hours. After this process the combination is blenched in hot water. Later it is towel dried to make the make the skin extremely tight after which it is smoked for about 15 minutes with tea leaves and deep-fried. It is a lip smacking dish which you should definitely order at an authentic Chinese restaurant in the country.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Reasons, Why Chinese Food is So Famous All over the World

authentic Chinese food in Singapore
The Chinese cuisine holds a prominent place in the culinary methods across the globe. One can find Chinese being served in almost any part of the world. Why is Chinese food so popular? Singapore and Chinese culture are closely related; with a large segment of Chinese population in Singapore, you can easily find some very authentic Chinese food in Singapore. What makes Chinese food peoples’ most loved and adored dishes? Here are some of the most obvious reasons –

It’s quick to make and often inexpensive. It tends to be more of a family style, and there is often a lot of variety viz. lot of mixing and matching of veggies and meats.

Chinese believe that food making is an art, and over centuries they have developed some very intricate cooking techniques. Take for example making noodles. Before machines took over this work, noodle making was a pretty difficult task during food preparation, but in China noodle making has been into practice since past two thousand years. And with coming of machines for making noodles, this item has known no boundaries and has made entire world its home.

Best Chinese food bar in Singapore use authentic Chinese cooking methods viz. steaming, boiling, roasting, stewing and baking that involve little or no use of oil. Moreover, most of the Chinese delicacies are stir fried rather than deep-fried, thus, they are suitable for a healthy diet.

Chinese restaurant in Singapore are known for their traditional Chinese cuisine that holds on maintaining a healthy balance between different types of meat. According to Chinese traditions, this balance is very necessary to ward off illness and other body ailments.
Chinese restaurant in Singapore
Certain Chinese food ingredients and food products are known for their health related benefits. Some Chinese mushrooms and green tea are regarded to contain chemicals that can fight against cancer. Green tea also contains anti-oxidants that are beneficial towards losing weight.

In Singapore, you can find all kinds of Chinese restaurants; ranging from those serving authentic Chinese to those giving a modern twist and bringing new innovations to the Chinese recipe.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What factors make great bars in Singapore

best bars in Singapore
Singapore is known for its bars and restaurants; what factors make a great bar out of a good one; on close consideration, you’ll find that the tangible factors of any successful business setup can be applied here too, viz. location, prices, selection and service etc. for a first impression. But, what about the intangible issues that go a long way to take the fame of the bar higher and higher. Some of the best bars in Singapore have sorted out meticulously on various issues to present the most satisfying experience their customers deserve.


We don’t expect the folks behind the bars to be jugglers or joke crackers all the time, but they are the real stars of the show, and a friendly conduct and prompt service with a glittering smile on the face goes a long way to enchant a customer.

Neat and clean bathrooms

When you hang around a particular place for a considerable amount of time, you need good lavatory services as part of the package. Spilled sanitary supplies, wet toilet papers scattered on floor and standing water shouldn’t be visible anywhere in the bar bathrooms. They should be free from any urine gust and present a pleasant aroma for a first-rate sanitary experience. Best bar and restaurant in Singapore are aware of this fact, and here you would be happy to “break off your seal” without any fuss whenever you feel an urge to get lighter.

 Best bar and restaurant in SingaporeDécor, ambience and music

These are vital elements that makes your bar and restaurant’s atmosphere magnetic. If they are fond of, many customers visit your restaurant again and again purely owing to these features. Theme based décor is quite popular these days; any good theme like soccer, baseball or location based themes such as European or Caribbean would exhibit a style in itself. Music should create an enchanting effect instead of shouting. Light music can set the mood of the visitors. The overall ambience should encourage guests to enter into a vivid conversation with their companions. Best restaurants of Singapore have embarked on this aspect, and with some additional creativity they just charm their guests.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Cantonese Restaurants in Singapore

good ambience Chinese restaurant in Singapore
If you want to enjoy authentic Chinese delicacies in Singapore, visit a Cantonese restaurant nearby. Cantonese restaurants are a type of Chinese restaurants serving Chinese recipes in their true flavor. These types of restaurants originated in Southern China, soon spread to Hong Kong and then to different parts of the world. Typically Dim Sum dishes are served in the afternoon. Chaa Lau (Tea House), Jau Lau (Wine House) and Sea food restaurants are a few variants of Cantonese restaurants. Modern forms of these restaurants are farfetched from their ancestors in Guangzhou, these cannot always afford to totally cook from raw herbs and spices, nevertheless the basic nature of Chinese culture and age old traditions are preserved and reflected in the dishes.

If you are looking for a good ambience Chinese restaurant in Singapore, there is no dearth of these in this sunny city, which always remains in the spotlight of exquisite Chinese cuisine. It’s an excellent experience to socialize with friends, family members or business associates dining out over lovely and tantalizing dishes with roasted chicken, suckling pork, fresh sea food and double boiled soups. Most of the Cantonese restaurants are known for their nice ambience for dinner in Singapore. Some of the best Cantonese restaurants are located in Singapore, and you can utilize their facilities for a romantic date with your partner, wedding ceremonies, private dining or corporate functions. They are also ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, brunch or high tea.

Some popular Cantonese restaurants at Singapore are – 

Asia Grand Restaurant, Location – 331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Tower

Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House, Location – 31 Ocean Way, 01-13 Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove

Cantonese restaurant Singapore Cherry Garden, Location – Mandarin Oriental, 5 Raffles Avenue

Chao Shan Cuisine, Location – 85 Beach Road

Feng Shui Inn, Location – Level G2, Crockfords Tower, 39 Artillery Avenue

Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Location – 290 Orchard Road, 05-22 The Paragon

You can find Cantonese restaurants serving dishes in all kinds of budgets. However some of the restaurants may not be that cheap so as to dine on a daily basis, but the overall experience is so elegant and nice that you won’t mind paying and coming again and again.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Different varieties of Chinese noodles and their traditional names

nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore
Chinese delicacies are famous around the world. Among the most famous Chinese delicacies, noodle dishes and rice varieties are the most commonly ordered food items. You can enjoy real scrumptious Chinese dishes in Singapore. Here are some of the varieties available in the country and the traditional names.


Banmian is a wonderful noodle dish that is made with handmade noodle cakes of different varieties along with egg, vegetables, seafood and meat. It is served in flavored soup which makes the dish extremely tasty. At few of the restaurants, you can select the flavor of soup when you place the order. You can enjoy this dish at a nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore or even at the street food vendors in the country.

Beef chow fun

When you choose a Cantonese restaurant in Singapore for dinner, you should definitely order the Beef chow fun for your main course. The key ingredients of this dish are ho fun noodles, which is part of the traditional Chinese cuisine, beef strips, soy sauce, onions and bean sprouts. If you want to enjoy the best Chinese food in Singapore, you should definitely try out this dish at least once. Once you taste it, you will definitely go back for more.

Cart noodle

This is a variant of noodle that was popularized by the street food vendors in Hong Kong. It was however brought to Singapore soon by the people who migrated to the island nation. Today, it is one of the most ordered noodle delicacies at the Chinese hawker stalls in the country. With a variety of toppings and egg, this is one dish that is loved by all sorts of people.

Char kway teow

It is one of the best noodle dishes available in Singapore. If you are searching for good Chinese food in Singapore, you should definitely order this delicacy. It is a very nutritional dish. The main ingredients of the dish are flat rice noodles, soy sauce, Chinese sausage, fishcake, cockles and bean sprouts. At some of the restaurants in the country you get this dish made of pork based ingredients.

Zhajiang mian 

This is a fried sauce noodle dish which is made of thick noodles and grounded pork. Wheat noodles are used in the traditional Chinese restaurants while making this dish. A variety of sauces is used in this dish. Scallions, garlic, onions and soybeans are cooked along with meat and this combination is served over noodles.

Lo mein

good Chinese food in SingaporeMade of wheat flour noodles, this is a dish that contains plenty of healthy vegetables. Beef, chicken, pork and shrimps are also used as additional ingredients. It is one of the tastiest stirred-noodles available from the Chinese platter. It is one of the most famous traditional dishes served in the Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

Re gan mian

This is a different kind of noodle dish. This is one of the rare dry variants available in the country. The dish is made by applying oil to the noodle cake and then drying it. The golden colored noodles are oily and are very chewy.

These are some of the best Chinese noodle variants available in Singapore.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Singapore has best Healthy Chinese food outside China

A food connoisseur, who is an expert in Chinese cuisine, finds Singapore a food paradise where Chinese food from any region of China is readily available.  Apart from Chinatown, where from the food carts to the five star restaurants authentic Chinese dishes are available; one can find good Chinese food in any part of Singapore.  Some nice Chinese Restaurants in Singapore serves healthy Chinese food.  If you are on the lookout for healthy dishes there are many nice Chinese Restaurants in Singapore that are famous for serving healthy dishes. Some healthy dishes which will strengthen your heart, body and mind served as good Chinese food in Singapore are:

1) Bean Sprout with Salted Fish: Fish, unlike red meat is healthy for heart and bean sprout lightly stir fried do not lose their nutritional value.  Salted fish is aromatic and makes the dish more appetizing.  You can eat it alone or along with other dishes.

2) Soup made from Lotus Roots and Pork Ribs: The soup is healthy and easy to make.  The ribs become tender and easy to eat and give great strength to the body as well. Lotus roots are good for decreasing fat level in liver and are eaten as part for the dishes for the taste and for their nutritional benefits.

3) Seafood Garlic Fried Rice:  This rice dish is lightly flavored with garlic and contains seafood and rice.  Garlic is known as blood purifier and is used in food for its pungent taste, aroma and cleansing qualities. Seafood does not contain fat and is healthy to consume

4) Stir Fry Potato Shred: Potato shredded and stir fried are tasty and healthy and can be easily digested.

5) Mapo Tofu: Mapo Tofu is a healthy dish made from bean curd mixture and spicy, chili sauce.  It is very light and is both healthy and filling.

Friday, 9 May 2014

5 things to consider while choosing a restaurant in Singapore

nice ambience for dinner in Singapore

When you decide to take your special friend out for dinner on a warm romantic evening, you would want to choose the perfect restaurant that provides not just the perfect food but also plenty of other facilities. Singapore is a country that is home to plenty of amazing restaurants. You might not be able to easily shortlist a restaurant when you have so many ones to choose from. Here are few things that you should consider while choosing a restaurant in Singapore.

Cuisine preference

Since Singapore has a wide variety of restaurants, you need to choose that cuisine that want to order before choosing the restaurant. Many restaurants provide a multi-cuisine menu but if you require a particular cuisine, it is better to choose an exclusive restaurant. There are many Chinese restaurants, Spanish eateries and Indian food joints in the country. If you love spicy food you should choose an Indian restaurant with nice ambience for dinner in Singapore. The menu options at these restaurants are wide and splendid like the vastness of its native land.


In order to enjoy a wonderful dining-out experience, you should a restaurant in the country that is easily accessible. If you have a private vehicle to take you around the country, you wouldn’t mind traveling few extra miles for dinner. However, if you have to depend on the public transport options, you should choose a place close to your homes to have your food. You can find a Cantonese restaurant Singapore in almost all the nooks and corners of the country. Chinese cuisine is very much popular in the country as it is preferred commonly by most travelers.


Ambience should be given a lot of importance when you choose a restaurant. When you choose a good ambience Chinese restaurant Singapore, you will be able to enjoy your dinner better. The food options provided in the Chinese restaurants are amazing and the ambience will complement the food. It would be ideal especially when you are looking forward to a romantic night with your special friend. Beautifully decorated lights, elegant tables filled with the finest glasses and plates would make the food served even tastier. A candle light dinner would be perfect during such situations. The restaurants that are located in the heart of the city give predominant importance to the ambience.

Popular names

Cantonese restaurant SingaporeYou can choose restaurants in the country based in their reputation. For each type of cuisine, there are plenty of internationally acclaimed restaurant brands. You can find most of these restaurant chains in Singapore too. Be it fried chicken or Chinese food, you can find a branded restaurant in the Singapore that offer scrumptious cuisine.


Another area that requires consideration while choosing a restaurant is the price. There are all sorts of restaurants in the country. If money is not a constraint, you can choose one of the luxury restaurants in the country. The ambience, food, settings and the service offered would be excellent at these restaurants. For the ones who want wallet-friendly meals, the hawker stalls in the country would be an ideal choice.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Special Chinese Rice at Singapore Restaurants, which will not make you fat

Chinese restaurant in Singapore
 It is always suggested to keep away from rice and noodles for avoiding excess body fat and keeping fit. Isn’t this difficult to follow and curb the tempt of eating delicious rice cuisines? Well, there is not any need to curb the temptation of eating delicious rice & noodles dishes, as these all are available in healthy variety at the Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

Have a look at the delicious rice & noodles serving you would get to enjoy at the Singapore Chinese Restaurants:

Seafood Garlic Fried Rice

The tempting fried rice is more healthy now. With several nutritious ingredients (mainly sea food) and special recipe this dish is perfect for those who love rice and are on health diet.

Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice

Rice prepared with lots of veggies and chicken & salted fish is also protein enriched dish. You may find the list of list of best Chinese restaurants in Singapore and order this Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice.

Beef Fillet with Preserved Olive Rice

Olive oil is good for health. Rice prepared in olive oil with beef fillet as the main ingredient is healthy and filled with several nutritional quotients to make it a delicious cum healthy dish. So, next time when you’ll visit a Chinese Restaurant, you would always have an option of delicious rice cuisine to eat.
 best Chinese food bar in Singapore
Dry Mince Pork Noodles

Dry minced pork added in Noodles, which are prepared with special low carb ingredients & oil is another healthy Chinese cuisine. Other than this, in healthy category, you can also try Char Siew Pork Fillet Noodles, and Fu Zhou Braised Noodles to enjoy the healthy noodle dishes.

These are some different rice and noodles dishes, which you may enjoy at the Chinese restaurant in Singapore without compromising upon your health.