Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What is the difference between Chinese food and authentic Chinese food

#1 Ingredients

In authentic Chinese cuisine, quite a lot of ingredients are used to prepare each and every dish. If you order a dish at an eatery serving traditional Chinese cuisine and later try out the same at a Chinese fast-food joint, you will come across a huge amount of difference in the choice of ingredients used. A lot of vegetables, beans sprouts, and tofu are used in the preparation of authentic Chinese cuisine. Even if you order a chicken or meat based delicacy, you will find the presence of a rich mixture of vegetables in the dish. However, the ordinary Chinese food which is more commonly found around the world uses lesser number of ingredients in preparing each dish.

#2 Taste

The taste factor is kind of tricky when it comes to differentiating ordinary Chinese from authentic Chinese delicacies. The Chinese dishes cooked with a tinge of western influence often uses generous amounts of sugar, salt, and artificial flavors. The authentic preparation methods involves the use of quite a lot of Chinese spices and each of these are used in small quantities to prepare each and every dish. The choice of spices and the quantity varies with each dish. However, you might initially feel that the taste of ordinary Chinese which uses artificial flavors are better than the authentic Chinese dishes. You will however be able to identify the differences after a couple of bites.

#3 Cooking styles

The use of shortcut methods spoils the taste of Chinese cuisine. Normally the cooking time at authentic Chinese restaurants is quite longer compared to the fast-food joints. If you are ordering a Chinese dish at a restaurant and it is served in less than ten minutes, you should definitely understand that you are at an ordinary Chinese restaurant. Authentic Chinese chefs use traditional equipment and culinary methods to prepare each dish. This enhances the quality and taste of the dish but might take away a lot of your time. It is however worth the wait any day!

#4 Overall experience

The dining experience that you get to enjoy at an ordinary Chinese restaurant would be nowhere close when you compare with what you would get at an authentic Chinese eatery. The Chinese love to talk and make merry while dining. If you want to have a stunning experience while having authentic Chinese cuisine, you should keep aside your table manners and indulge in some happy conversations!