Monday, 27 April 2015

6 great starters at Chinese restaurants

#1 Spring rolls

Spring rolls

If you want to order a starter dish that will help you enjoy the splendid combination of Chinese spices and the healthiest vegetables, you should go for spring rolls. This scrumptious starter delicacy can be ordered at a good Chinese restaurant in Singapore and will help you enjoy your meal from the start. There are also eateries in the country that serve the spring rolls with chicken as the key ingredient.

#2 Chili potatoes
Chili potatoes

This is another delectable starter dish available from the Chinese platter. The crispiness of the potatoes and the seasoning used makes it a wonderful dish which is quite popular at majority of the Chinese eateries in Singapore.

#3 Baked dragon rolls

Baked dragon rolls

The baked dragon rolls is a starter dish that will help you enjoy the culinary skills of the Chinese chefs. The meat is cooked separately along with Chinese herbs and chili powder. Wheat flour is mixed with salt and cheese and is used to roll the ingredients together. It is then fired in oil until it turns dark brown in color. This is a starter dish that can be enjoyed along with a glass of wine when you are on a dinner date with your partner.

#4 Corn and bean sprouts

Corn and bean sprouts

The traditional Chinese restaurants will definitely include this starter dish in the menu. It is considered to be the best starter dish cooked in authentic Chinese style. When you are at the best Chinese food bar in Singapore, you should not forget to order this extremely sumptuous delicacy.

#5 Broccoli and potato balls

Broccoli and potato balls

Broccoli, potatoes, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce are the key ingredients of this starter dish. Chinese dishes made of broccoli are extremely delicious and this one is no different. If you want to enjoy good Chinese food in Singapore, which is healthy and affordable, this would be a good dish to start with.

#6 Crispy threaded tofu

Crispy threaded tofu

Chinese crispy threaded tofu is a yummy starter dish which will melt in your mouth. When you visit a good Chinese eatery in the country after a hectic day at work, this will be a dish that will give you joy.

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