Friday, 8 May 2015

6 Tips to enjoy a dinner date with your partner at a Chinese restaurant in Singapore

#1 Make your reservations
Make your reservations

Singapore is a country that will never disappoint you when it comes to food options. There are quite of eateries too in every nook and corner of the city. However if you want to enjoy your dinner date at a fabulous Chinese restaurant in Singapore, you should reserve a table in advance.

#2 You can avoid buffets

You can avoid buffets

In order to make your dinner date memorable, you should be able to enjoy the delicacies served at the Chinese eatery and also the moments you share together. When you choose a Chinese eatery you will not have to settle for a buffet because of the splendid menu options provided.

#3 Start with a soup

Start with a soup

If you are at a restaurant serving authentic Chinese food in Singapore, it would be ideal to start with a soup, cream of mushroom, chicken, and different variants of hot and sour soups prepared by the Chinese chefs will be the perfect appetizer that will help you enjoy the meal.

#4 Choose the perfect entrée dish

Choose the perfect entrée dish

Chinese cuisine is one of the best food options because of the availability of a wide variety of dishes. Not all variants of cuisines will allow you to order the perfect entrée dish after ordering a starter dish. When you are done with the soup, you can order dim sum Singapore that is available in amazing flavors. There are spring rolls, fish fingers and many other entrée dishes too that will help you to start your meal in an elegant manner.

#5 Order portions of different delicacies

Order portions of different delicacies

In order to enjoy the dinner date to the fullest, it would be good to order portions of different dishes instead of going for just a couple of main course dishes. The variety in flavors and the irresistible taste of Chinese spices will make your dinner date memorable for a lifetime if you order the perfect dishes from the Chinese platter.

#6 Choosing desserts and beverages

Choosing desserts and beverages

When it comes to ordering the perfect desserts and beverages on a dinner date, there is no better choice than Chinese cuisine which will provide you with such stunning options to choose from. Ordering sweets after a filling dinner would be the best thing to do and tofu based delicacies would be the best choice. If you want to enjoy the traditional feel of a Chinese dinner, you should choose sherry wine or tea as your beverage!

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