Wednesday, 27 May 2015

5 tips to make special occasions memorable in Singapore

#1 Take a day off from work

Take a day off from work

In order to make special occasions memorable, you need to first of all take a break from your busy schedules. You should keep all work related stuff off the table and be ready to spend some time with your dear ones. It would be best if you can turn off your mobile phones. Staying off the grid would be a good way to start enjoying the day.

#2 Dressing up is important

Dressing up is important

If you want to make any occasion special, you need to have some good memories about the day. The best thing to do would be to capture some lovely moments during the day and keep it secure for a long time. In order to do this, you should dress up well and encourage your partner to do the same. When you wear your favorite attire that looks good on you, it will provide you with a lot of confidence which will definitely double up as joy.

#3 Invite your friends over for lunch

Invite your friends over for lunch

Bringing in more people would be a great way to make special occasions memorable. You do not have to invite a lot of people to crowd up the place. Invite few of your close friends to bring in the mood of celebration. The chitchats and the malarkey created when a bunch of people get together under one roof would provide you with tremendous joy. You can do this at home or choose one of the best chill out bars in Singapore as the venue.

#4 Do something you love the most

Do something you love the most

You should not forget to do something that you and your partner loves most during the special occasion. Going out for a drive, or taking a stroll in a park would be special when you do it with joy. You should do this during the evening hours, few hours after all your friends leave. Spending some time alone with your partner will definitely make the occasion special and memorable.

#5 Have dinner at an elegant restaurant

Have dinner at an elegant restaurant

To finish off the day in style, you should order some good Chinese food in Singapore at an elegant restaurant. Choose one of the best restaurants in Singapore after discussing with your partner. Try out some scrumptious dishes at a place that offers a stunning ambience. It will definitely leave find memories of the day for years.

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